Of Faith and Fear: An Excellent Novel for a Snowy Weekend

The last novel that I read that was based in Baltimore was The Baltimore Chronicles. This novel took us from an opening scene in Africa over 500 years ago. The gods of Egypt played a role as the story unfolded. Their was unmistakable chemistry between two of the main characters, Assefa and Sanura, that led to memorable scenes in the book. Danger lurked in the form of creatures in the search of blood of a certain species. I loved the writing style of the author. I learned some things about the expulsion of European settlers from Africa based on the novel. I cannot wait to read the next installment of the trilogy.

As I am embarking on a quest to write a novel, it helps to be able to read the work of other Authors.  The website: www.goodreads.com  is an awesome source of individuals like myself who enjoy a good novel.  I invited my good friend, Troy Johnson, the author of The Lighter Side of Darkness, to join the group.  It didn't surprise me that he already had numerous friends on the site.  He is currently working on a second novel that I will leave up to him to portray.

I likened the novel to a HBO series that I love: True Blood.  The danger that lurked for the witches in the novel was real.  They had to take many evasive procedures to live through an onslaught of predators.  I loved the protective nature of the group being hunted.  An attack against one was an attack against all.  I was able to interact with the author briefly as I completed a review of the novel.  It was exciting to find out that she completed graduate studies at Howard University.

Of Fear and Faith by N.D. Jones

I am excited about reading the second part of the Trilogy.  When the action started in this novel, it was non-stop until the end.  The sirens were about to do damage to Assefa.  Thank goodness that his familiar was on point or he would have been done.  Excellent visual imagery to the novel.  It included a visit to Druid Hill Park.  Bought back memories of the group Dru Hill that produced Sisqo.  My sister Kia Boggs-Pinkney would love this book.  She lived in Baltimore for awhile.  She also likes romance novels.  Good luck N.D. jones as you go forward with your literary works.

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