Happy 50th Birthday Kia Boggs-Pinkney

This was a beautiful day in 1966.  Gas prices were low and the sun was shining.  I don't know that for sure, I am just making it up.  Helen Boggs was about to give birth to a beautiful baby girl.  The labor pains were intense.  Kia couldn't stand to stay in the womb anymore.  It was time for her to face the world.  Fifty years later and she is a beautiful woman, married and the mother of two growing young men.

She started her academic career at St. Thomas Aquinas.  The rest of the Boggs clan were St. Charles babies but Kia was special.  She then proceeded on to St. Maria Goretti.  I met her when she was twelve and adopted her soon after.  She was a fabulous dancer.  I remember when she danced at Mom Marge and Pop Neal's wedding.  It was a solo and she nailed it. She also danced at South Carolina State.  She continues to impart dance knowledge with a part-time job teaching. 

I love Kia for her spirit.  Her outlook exemplifies the mantra: If life gives you lemons, make lemonade.  She can survive off of salsa, tortilla chips and vino if she had to.  She has great friends and is a special friend to many.  I will cherish our Wildwood days. I wish her the best day.  It is a little overcast and expected to be like this all week.  It can't dampen the spirit of someone excited to enter the 50's phase.  She might not have a gray hair yet.  At 52, I have many.  I also have learned how to enjoy the moment more.

Bubbie would be proud of your continued commitment to Family and to Yourself. Leslie has to be proud to have you as his wife.  I know you will party all this month.  It started off nicely on Sunday in Middletown, DE.  I am going to connect with Tammy and set something up in Philly.  Shawn has promised crabs.  Maybe a Kentucky Derby party in Philly will suffice.  Happy 50th Birthday Kia.  I love you much!!

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