Gun Violence Epidemic Demands Action

Donald Trump has been endorsed by the National Rifle Association.  He then begins to bluster loudly about Hillary Clinton wanting to take away the 2nd Amendment rights of citizens to bear arms.  He goes on to say that all of Hillary's Secret Service agents should now get rid of their guns.  He wants to get rid of Gun Free Zones around schools.  He is one of the worst talking heads that this country has seen in awhile.  I know that his security team is armed with all of the violence that has gone on at his events.

Almost 30,000 Americans are killed every year by gun violence.  Another 70,000 are injured by gun violence in a year.  I can imagine the hospital costs and physical trauma that individuals go through trying to recover from being shot.  Hillary Clinton wants to increase background check.  She also wants to make it harder to buy guns at gun shows.  She attended a luncheon with mothers who had lost their children to gun violence.  Trayvon Martin's mother was in attendance.  I am in support of any politician who is not scared to talk about reducing gun deaths.

I do not want this post to be considered an endorsement of Hillary Clinton.  I want it to bring attention to the constant bloodshed that is taking place on our city streets.  There is a recently elected State Representative in Philadelphia named Chris Rabb.  He will represent the Mount Airy section of Philadelphia if he is successful in the general election.  A young man was slaughtered by a gun while trying to volunteer for his campaign.  The same tragic story and consequences are repeated time and again in our communities.  So Donald Trump wants to make what America great again?  Will he address the heroin epidemic that is affecting rural America?  Not really.  Everything is peachy keen where he comes from.

I just commented on an article that referenced Donald Trump's bombastic stance on getting more guns in people's hands.  One commenter still feels like Trayvon Martin's death was unavoidable.  George Zimmerman was in the news recently for putting up the gun he used to murder Trayvon Martin with for sale.  He called it an American Icon.  What in the name of warped reality is he referring to?  I don't know what he actually received for the gun financially but whoever bought it is part of the problem in this country.

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Three people were just shot on Friday in Philly.  A nineteen year old male died as a result.  There was an article in the paper recently about shootings in a small town outside of Charleston.  Google Atlanta, Baltimore, New York City and Los Angeles and the results will be the same.  Rahm Emmanuel has not been able to figure out a way to lessen gun violence in Chicago.  Someone like Donald Trump, who made $557 million last year, does not have to worry about being gunned down in the streets.  Most law abiding citizens who own guns aren't randomly shooting people in the streets either.

Philadelphia has taken tougher steps to prosecute straw purchasers of guns.  This action involves someone who purchase a gun for a convicted felon.  Hillary Clinton is also referencing tightening restrictions on domestic abusers and perpetrators of gang violence.  I see nothing wrong with at least talking about these issues leading up to the general election in November.  Councilman Kenyatta Johnson is holding hearings on gun violence in Philadelphia and has been passionately trying to keep our children safe in an increasingly violent society.  We need action on decreasing shootings and the death and mayhem associated with these acts.  Thanks for keeping the issue in the forefront Senator Clinton. 

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