Hello NCAA: The Paterno Restored Wins Must Go!!

It was recently revealed by an insurance company investigating the allegations of child abuse against former Penn State defensive coordinator Jerry Sandusky that instances of child abuse were occurring in the 1970's in Happy Valley.  Almost immediately, new Penn State president blamed innuendo and social media for the resulting I told you so's from those of us that haven't raised Joe Paterno to the level of Saint Hood that many people want him elevated to.  Before skewering victims of the abuse, maybe President Barron could have researched the allegations and expressed some reverence for the victims.

Penn State has already settled with many of the victims to the tune of over $60 million to 26 victims of abuse.  It is not alleged abuse anymore because Jerry Sandusky was tried and convicted in a court of law.  His wife still believes in his innocence.  His own adopted son was one of the victims of his predilection for fondling and showering with young boys.  It was very hard for some of the victims in the late 80's and 90's to get anyone to believe them when they mentioned Jerry Sandusky as the perpetrator of horrible abuse. 

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I do feel sorry for the career problems that former Penn State Assistant Coach Mike McQuery is experiencing.  He saw Jerry Sandusky engaged in questionable behavior in a Penn State shower with a young boy.  Mr. McQuery reported the abuse to Joe Paterno.  Joe supposedly reported it to his superiors.  How was it that McQuery was the only assistant not to be interviewed for a job under then Coach Bill O'Brien.  He was a commanding figure on the sideline and seemed to have a real grasp of the play calls.  Unnamed janitors also witnessed Jerry Sandusky in lewd acts but were too scared to report this hallowed Penn State figure.

In January of 2015, the NCAA decided to restore the 111 wins that it had taken away from Joe Paterno for now seemingly ignoring the tales of the predator that had access to suites, tickets for home and away games, and unlimited access to boys that were star struck by the bright lights and national reputation of Penn State.  When he was finally arrested for his numerous dalliances with these boys, he had on a Penn State sweat suit.  His non-profit, the Final Mile, was a breeding ground for his penchant for overnight stays and long showers with boys.  It was a perfect set up for a sick person.
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The Paterno family still feels like the statue should be put back on campus.  President Barron is standing fast on the fact that Joe Pa can no longer defend himself.  I wonder how Victim 2, who was the young man in the shower with Jerry Sandusky feels today.  Recovery from abuse is probably a life long process.  Happy Valley fans were savoring the wins that resored Joe to the pantheon of college football coaches.  Coach Eddie Robinson is in Heaven arguing with Joe about the value of victories over protecting children.  There is no comparison.  Profits and wins blinded the Paterno regime to removing a child abuser permanently when he was first reported to them back in 1976.  Once again, the Paterno wins must go.  Remove the halo and forget about the statue that is now being prepared by artists on commission. 

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