Massacre in Orlando: Frightening in Scope!!

I am still shocked at the scope of the slaughter that took place at The Pulse night club on Saturday in Orlando.  The killer, Omar Mateen, was able to kill 49 people and hold police at bay for almost three hours while he checked to see if people that he had already shot were dead.  Reports are coming out that he frequented the club and also visited gay male dating sites.  It was also reported on Good Morning America that his wife visited the club with him and went to make ammo purchases also.

I still don't understand why a regular civilian needs an AK-47 for any other reason than to slaughter people.  It is a weapon of mass destruction plain and simple.  To listen to Donald Trump though, a person who was partying that had a gun, would have averted this tragedy.  Let's just have shoot outs at clubs where patrons are supposed to be having a good time.  His response is so nonsensical as to be even considered.  President Obama had a really forceful response to his vitriol.
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I am wondering whether this slaughter was motivated by a homophobic individual or one who wanted to prove his worth to ISIS.  The fate of supposed gay individuals in the Middle East and some African countries is horrible.  Men have been thrown off of roofs to observant crowds.  Prison and death are more often than not the norm for people who are not what is considered the norm sexually.  I just read about a young African American female couple, former military, who are imprisoned in Qatar on trumped up charges of drug dealing.  Their families are sure it is because of their sexual orientation.

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The coverage of the tragedy on CNN has been comprehensive.  A grand jury is convening to see if his wife should be charged for not reporting his intentions.  I have been reading the brief life stories of some of the victims of the worst mass shooting in U.S. history.  People now have to plan a number of funerals that should not be occurring.  We never know the time or the place of our demise though.  God bless the individuals that have died peacefully in their sleep, in nursing homes or of old age.  We were shocked again when a two year old was snatched by an alligator in Orlando.  The young lady from the Voice, Christina Grimmie, was shot and killed in Florida Friday night.  The gunman then killed himself.  The NRA must secretly be laughing to itself.  Now people will go and buy more guns.

The survivors will need counseling.  Many told stories of hiding under dead bodies to escape this sick individual.  People tried to hide in bathroom stalls only to be executed by this madman.  Donald Trump tried to seize on the fact that he was an Afghan citizen.  His parents were but he was born in New York.  President Obama issued a stern rebuke to Mr. Trump when the term 'radical Islam' was not uttered by everyone as Donald wanted it to be.  Mr. Trump also issued a stupid tweet 'Appreciate the congrats for being right on radical Islamic terrorism, I don't want congrats, I want toughness & vigilance.'  This guy is sick.

I appreciate the medical professionals who were able to save as many lives as they could.  The needs of the victims temporarily outweighed the need for sleep.  The wounds inflicted by this high powered rifle must have been devastating.  Gay clubs have been put on alert in the Orlando area in spite of no credible threat.  The simple act of going to the bar and ordering a drink must be nerve wracking.  I wish that this community can heal and be themselves.  It is past time for hatred of any minority group.  The LGBTQ community was singled out in this tragedy.  The sponsors of the bill banning who could use bathrooms in North Carolina based on the gender listed on their birth certificates need to pause and understand the pain that some people with gender issues already face.  Godspeed on your Recovery Orlando.  Rest in Peace to the unfortunate individuals that lost their lives.

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