Mr. Kenny Owens: Rest In Peace

I saw Mr. Kenny for the last time on Sunday.  We were celebrating the second of our Memorial Day cookouts.  He was sitting with Jamilla and Mom Wallace and was in good spirits.  I finally got the heart to challenge him to a game of pool.  He was a shark back in the day.  Mr. Kenny was my little Brothers Mike and Kenneth aka Skeet's Dad.  He lived a long life.  Mom Wallace always made sure that he had a plate.  I remember one time she had Big Ron, father of her oldest children, Mr. Kenny and Mr. Bob all sitting at the same table eating.  She is the  I will remember Mr. Kenny as a smooth guy who rarely raised his voice.  He was cared for by his sons until the end.  Rest in Peace Mr. Kenny.  It was good to see you before you transitioned. 

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