Hillary Clinton Clinches: Congratulations!!

We are about to head into another era of firsts.  When Barak Obama won the Democratic Nomination for the Presidency eight years ago, many of us were so excited at the prospects of the first African American President serving in the White House.  The United States has a wicked history in regards to race relations.  People of African descent have had a hard time after enduring the horrors of slavery and segregation.  The Civil War stands out as one of the darkest periods in our history.  Southern states actually started a secession process rather than have the right to own slaves dictated to them.

Fast forward 150 years from that period and we are staring straight at the first woman nominee of a major political party in this country.  Women are fortunate in this country compared to what is happening around the world.  We have women doctors, lawyers, accountants, university presidents and authors.  Women do not have to wear hijabs or enter into rooms by separate entrances.  Genital mutilation is not part of our history here in the U.S.  We still have a salary gap.  We still have the proverbial glass ceiling holding many women down in corporate boardrooms.  It is not a perfect world but we are progressing.

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Hillary Clinton has a lot of history in terms of leadership roles.  First of all, she graduated from Yale Law School.  She was been the first lady of Arkansas for eight years.  She was the first lady of the United States for eight years.  She was a U.S. Senator for eight years.  She was also the U.S. Secretary of State for five years.  She suffered through the marital strife inflicted by Bill Clinton.  She also was slightly scarred by an e-mail scandal and the Benghazi murders.  She is highly qualified in terms of skills and experience.  I think that she is a little old but we were spoiled by President Obama winning while in his forties.

The fact that so many people have voted for Donald Trump and his vitriol and hate shows an undercurrent of racism.  Also, their could very well be a desire to return to the so called 'great' days of America,  We have changed as a society.  Soon, the term minority might very well apply to white males.  We are not experiencing the migrant crises that have been precipitated by the unprecedented migration from Africa, Syria and the Middle East.  We are looking at increases of immigration from Cuba and Mexico.  I am listening to a station on BBC talking about the impact of immigration in the U.K.  This will be just one of many issues facing the new President of the United States.

My favorite women leader from the past was Margaret Thatcher.  She represented the United Kingdom well for almost twelve years.  She also had a position called the Shadow Secretary of State.  I also loved the rise of Benazir Bhutto in Pakistan.  She was the 11th and 13th Prime Minister of Pakistan.  Unfortunately, she was assassinated in 2007.   She has survived a previous attempt on her life that killed 139 people earlier in the same year.  The price of leadership is sometimes very steep.  Honor killings of women in countries like Afghanistan and India still make me cringe.

I wish Hillary Clinton well as she enters the next phase of her journey to the Presidency.  She will face a series of attacks from Republican candidate Donald Trump.  I would love to see Mr. Trump just focus on issues during any upcoming debates.  Hillary Clinton will accept the nomination here in the City of Brotherly Love.  Bernie Sanders promises a contested convention.  He is a feisty candidate and has struck a chord among younger voters.  He should step aside and support Mrs. Clinton.  I am anxiously awaiting results from the final Super Tuesday.  How will New Jersey and California fall for the remaining candidates?  We will see,

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