Continued Gun Violence over the Johnny Doc Story!!

There was a major story that occurred in Philly on Friday.  The FBI raided the home and businesses of John Dougherty and Local 98.  Johnny Doc is a political powerhouse and kingmaker in Philly.  It was recounted that his annual salary is almost $265K.  He also runs the powerful AFL-CIO in the region.  Some of his successes include getting Kevin Dougherty elected to the State Supreme Court.  Bobby Henon is also the majority leader in City Council.  He still earns $70K for some type of services provided to the union.  Most officials in Local 98 also earn at least $145K.  Don't cry for Johnny Doc.

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One of the things that the feds are looking at is the large amount of political donations that come from Local 98.  Also, it was recounted that Johnny Doc has been in a couple of street scuffles lately.  This is the only thing that I can fault him for.  You don't become the Man in Philly politics to then get involved in a fistfight.  He was on camera in South Philly confronting a contractor over a misplaced IBEW label.  Get the underlings for that.  Johhny Doc was just in a commercial at the Wells Fargo center.  He was admiring the work of the electricians who were wiring the DNC.  Those guys earn serious dollars for blue collar work.  It seems like the construction slow down never affected them at all.  Johnny Doc will survive this televised invasion by the FBI.  His union will continue to thrive because they set aside differences to stack cash.

Gun violence, on the other hand, continues to affect many families here in our city.  Here are some headlines:

                            Biker gunned down at a Southwest Philly gas station
                             Alsharay Ford, caught in a crossfire, dies
                            10 shot in 5 hours in Philly, 2 dead
                            Tyhir Barnes, shot in face after basketball game, dies
                            Since 2006, more than 14,500 people have been shot in
                            Philly, a rate of one shooting every six hours

The whole aspect of a bullet entering someone's body is just terrible.  Hot lead intended to do damage is not a good thing.  Mass shootings garner national attention.  The murder that occurred on 2200 Block of West Montgomery Avenue on August 1st will just be a blip on the national radar screen of mayhem and carnage.

Economic conditions are a major factor that cause continued gun play.  The need to avenge previous shootings also causes violence.  The availability of guns is another factor.  Members of city council have held numerous hearings and tried to limit access to guns.  The penalty for making straw purchases is severe.  Hearings have been held by my Councilman.  The number of shootings this year have increased over last year though.  Usually, when a new mayor is elected, there is a feel good period.  Mayor Nutter made a statement that he left us safer when he left office.  I wonder what statistics he was referring to.
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The juxtaposition of Johny Doc and gun violence might be strange to some readers.  To me, I would rather be investigated by the feds than to have bullets flying my way to settle a perceived score.  God bless medical professionals in our city.  Many economic development professionals refer to Philly as a city of 'Eds and Meds'.   We have world class universities, hospitals and research institutions.  We need them all.  I wonder when the imbalance of medical professionals and shootings will even out?
For all of the families that have had to plan unexpected funerals, I feel your pain.  I wish that you could all respond to a request for tax information as opposed to identifying bodies at the morgue.

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