Seth Williams Should be Ashamed of Himself!!

We were barely able to get  through a week when the Attorney General for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania was convicted of leaking secret grand jury information and lying about it.  Kathleen Kane had said that she was going to vigorously fight the supposedly frivolous charges against her.  After the prosecution presented their case, her defense team did not call a single witness.  She did not even take the stand in her own defense.  Jerry Sandusky, the convicted pedophile, who cost Penn State milllions of dollars for his nefarious actions, now wants to testify during his appeal.  Chaka Fattah did not testify on his own behalf before he was convicted on all charges against him.  Do you notice a pattern here?

Seth Williams was the first African American to win the position of District Attorney of the city of Philadelphia.  It was a momentous occasion as he represented the hopes and dreams of individuals who felt that people of color did not get the justice that was deserved at the hands of a non-minority DA.  In retrospect, Lynne Abraham was tough.  She was a worthy mayoral candidate.  She was never caught with her hand in the cookie jar like Seth is accused of doing. 

The thread that winds through Seth's current troubles and the recent conviction and resignation of Kathleen Kane are interesting.  Kathleen Kane refused to prosecute African American legislators that were caught taking cash payments from an undercover operative.  The amounts ranged from $7,000.00 for former State Representative Ronald Waters to maybe $2,000.00 for Louise Williams Bishop.  Seth Williams was outraged at the fact that these legislators had crossed the line and should pay the price legally.  What about the fact that they could have forgotten to amend their financial disclosure forms?  Seth apparently forgot to complete his for at least five years.  He is the top prosecutor in the City of Philadelphia and prone to lapses like the legislators that he successfully prosecuted.

The scope of Seth's thirst for the good life is breathtaking.  It is reported that he received a free roof to the tune of $45,000.00.  I wonder why the roofer would have been motivated to expend such a significant resource?  Seth actively sought to vacation at a dude ranch that contained a 60,000 bottle wine cellar.  Once again, he wanted this perk because it was free.  Former Judge Thomasine Tynes was convicted of accepting a $2,000.00 bracelet and sentenced to two years in prison at the age of seventy-one.  Seth Williams accepted $10,000.00 in cash to supposedly pay his mother's medical bills.  He accepted Eagles sideline passes and Sixers tickets.  His overall haul was to the tune of $164,000.00.  He apologized to his staff, not for breaking the rules of accepting gifts over $200.00, but for the bad press.  Go figure.

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According to news reports, the FBI had been investigating the personal finances of Mr. Williams for some time.  His ex-wife had received an apartment from a politically connected friend that was below market value.  Mr. Williams did not list this benefit on his disclosure form.  I wonder if his office can still vigorously pursue a conviction against State Representative Vanessa Lowery Brown at this point.  It wouldn't seem right to put the hammer down on her when the DA has enriched himself tremendously due to his position.  Ask John Perzel, Vince Fumo and LeAnna Washington what the cost of political hubris really is.  I don't think the story is over.  At the minimum, Seth Williams should now have to pay taxes on all of freebies that he actively sought while in a very powerful position.  I will report back as the story unfolds.

P.S. On Sunday, August 28th, it was reported in the Philadelphia Inquirer that his former girlfriend sliced the tires on the cars of his security detail.  My queston is, where was the security detail at the time?  If they are providing security, at taxpayer expense, shouldn't they be aware of threats, real or perceived, as they approach the residence of the D.A.  Unbelievable.

P.S. II: Seth Williams announced that he will not run for re-election on February 10th, 2017.  He had been hit with a $62,000.00 fine by the Ethics Board and cannot pay it with campaign funds.  Staying on the straight and narrow is less expensive than trying to hide gifts.

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