Revisiting POWER: What a Journey

I thought that Season 3 of Power started off kind of slow.  I did not realize all of the plot lines that have affected the present story.  Last week I went on a Power marathon to catch up with the story and understand the current impact of the characters and their past.  There are two things that strike me as major paths.  First, James St. Patrick, aka Ghost, is a stone cold killer.  The suits and the desire to get out of the drug business are real.  When it comes down to it, he murdered all of the people in his syndicate except Ruiz and Kanan.  Second, Kanan is the scariest character that I have seen in a series in awhile.  He killed Q-Dubs without blinking.  He murdered his son when it became apparent that he wasn't a cold blooded killer.

Shawn was the driver for Ghost.  He was a nice young man who had played basketball at St. John's before suffering a knee injury.  He wasn't built for the gangster life.  He fell for Tasha over the course of seasons one and two.  She did entice him with her considerable charm.  He realized that Ghost was doing her dirty with Angela and he figured that he would protect her.  They shared a couple of hot scenes and he was prepared to run away with Tasha and the kids.  He did not realize the hatred that Kanan had for Ghost and his team.  He went away for ten years due to the fact that he was set up.  Shawn was actually in the car with him when he was arrested for a tail light that wasn't working.  There was weight in the car and he did the bid.

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Tommy is the perfect example of the drug dealer that doesn't know what else to do besides sling.  His character is cold blooded also.  He and Ghost are like brothers.  Angela, an Assistant U.S. Attorney, cannot stand him and wants to see him go to jail.  She thinks that he is ghost during the first few episodes.  Holly is his girlfriend.  They sid he always had a thing for redheads.  His mother is a redhead.  Go figure.  In season three, Tommy is taking over the drug trade.  Ghost has picked up two more night clubs and is making every effort to go legit.  He and Ghost pull guns out on each other and the rift is widened by three miles.  Holly shows back up after Ghost has sent her away,  She was being pressured by the Feds and wanted to be a Mob Wife but she talked to much.

Tasha is my favorite character.  She is fine also.  Men will cheat.  Especially major drug dealers.  I don't understand why Ghost was so taken by Angela when he had three children though.  It was a high school flame that reentered his life.  Who knows how much emotion an old flame can elicit in someone.  He is now living with Angela and Tasha is suffering emotionally.  She is still an asset to Ghost.  She stopped Tommy from murdering Angela at Ghost's request.  She signed a iron clad pre-nup though that bars her from any assets if they divorce.  She lives like a Queen in an apartment to die for.  She is moving money around and preparing for a day when she might have to go it alone.  One time Kanan stopped by her apartment and she was strapped.  I think she would have put some hot lead in him with no hesitation.
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Kanan wants to run the criminal organization in the worst way.  Tommy falls under his sway really quickly.  He hired the female assassin and blamed it on Rolla.  Rolla bought it from Ghost in a terrible administration of justice.  He had a large stash of cash waiting for him with Shawn's mother when he was released.  His whole focus is taking Ghost out.  Their fight scene at the end of Season Two was classic.  Unfinished business by Ghost will come back to haunt him though.  I wonder when Kanan will resurface and what the impact will be. 

Lobos is the supplier of the powder trade.  He is a gay male who is a little quirky.  He was almost murdered in jail.  He has a friend that is on the side of the DEA.  He ordered a hit on Ghost that Tommy is hesitant to carry out.  He murdered Tommy's dog, Bell, and will hit Holly next.  He still exerts Power from a jail cell.  There is a lot of Spanish spoken in the series.  That is good for me as I prepare to interact with Spanish speaking families at school.  Ruiz flew to California to escape the carnage that Ghost inflicted.  I wonder how loyal Andre will remain.  Ghost pulled him in from Kanan's grasp after Shawn was murdered.  He is itching to get back into the drug game though.  I love the writing and the plot twists.  If you have a chance to watch it, do not hesitate.  My other series have gone into reruns.  Boardwalk Empire, The Wire and True Blood were awesome.  It is all about POWER now!!

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