The NATO Structure should not be Dismantled!!

There is a candidate in the U.S. Presidential race that spews a ton of rhetoric.  I really don't think that this person is well schooled in the art of diplomacy.  I also do not think that he has studied history in a definitive nature.  Recently, a question was asked about the ongoing crisis in Iraq.  This person has continuously referred to radical Islamic terrorism as though all Muslims are just ready to blow someone up.  Islam is the largest religion in the world.  At this point, the atrocities committed by ISIS as it is being pressured in Mosul are horrendous.  They are summarily executing people and using people as human shields.  They are losing territory at a rapid rate.  The candidate I am referring two did not state that ISIS is currently losing this battle.  The casualties are horrendous and it will not happen overnight.  He stated that Iran will really benefit in this battle and
I knew I had to fact check another statement.

This person says that NATO should be disbanded because all countries are not paying their share.  He seems to feel like he can have a friendly conversation with Vladimir Putin at any time.  He failed to comprehend that Russia invaded the Ukraine and had annexed Crimea.  He said it would not happen if he were in office.  Here are the countries that form the North Atlantic Treaty Organizations:

Belgium, Bulgaria, Canada, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovania, Spain, Turkey, the United Kingdom and the United States.

Standing alone, many of these countries would not be able to withstand encroachment by the Russian military.  China is another communist country that is currently making aggressive moves towards expansion.  The Phillipines, a long standing U.S. ally, recently declared that they will not deal with the U.S. and will work with Russia and China as the new Big Three.  Their new President tried to curse President Obama out after criticisim of its drug crackdown and the resultant murders got under his skin.  Thar story is not over.

Here's another fact:

Europe has been wracked by major wars that have killed millions in each of the last three centuries.  Since NATO was created almost 70 years ago, there has not been a major conflict on the European land mass.

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I am saddened about the terrorist attacks in France.  The headquarters of NATO is currently located in Belgium.  Belgium has been the breeding ground for many of the terrorist attacks in France.  I shudder at the thought of AK-47's at live concerts and outdoor restaurants.  In comparison, these are not World Wars.  It has been relatively calm but I know that somewhere another attack is being planned.  If we did not have the real or perceived threat of a NATO response, larger responses could be planned.  Also, our generals are not in a shambles as this person states.  I feel that we are ready to defend member countries at a moments notice.

One thing is true: We need all of our allies to remain strong now and in the future.  The NATO allies are not 'ripping us off' if we have a measure of peace and security based on a common defense against communism and terror.  Italy is trying is keep its borders tight from an influx of immigrants.  Germany has accepted many Syrian refugees and there has been push back from its citizens.  Spain's economy is struggling but they have not hinted at leaving NATO.  In closing, NATO is a system of collective defense whereby its members agree to a mutual defense in response to an attack by an external party.

Here are some countries that are not in NATO:

China, Iran, Iraq, Russia, Yugoslavia, Sweden, Finland, Ireland, Macedonia, Austria, Mexico, Chile, Peru and Africa.

I understand that population growth and the proliferation of nuclear weapons are addressed by NATO's unity.  We do not need to be spouting off about NATO members when we need all countries to be unified against outside attacks.  Also, if this person loses the election on November 8th, he can build properties in Russia and be best friends with Mr. Putin.

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