The Second Presidential Debate: Interesting!

We are less than a month away from the 2016 Presidential election.  The second debate between nominees Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump was held last night in Saint Louis.  It was a town hall style meeting with some questions posed by the audience and some coming from the moderators.  It was generally perceived by most observers that Hillary Clinton won the first debate.  I am a Democrat so I might be biased.  I concur with the overall assessment of the first debate.  Hillary was well prepared and stayed on topic.  I think she won last night also.

One of the hot topics that is ripping apart the Republican party was the hot mic conversation that Donald Trump had with Billy Bush in 2005 on his was to a cameo appearance on a soap opera.  He waxed eloquently, or not so eloquently, about his aggressive tactics towards women that he was interested in.  He popped a few tic tacs in advance of meeting one of the soap stars.  He said that he usually just starts kissing women because of his star status.  He also grabs them in their private areas because he is entitled to do this because of his star status.  Many Republican leaders have repudiated his statements and promised not to vote for him.  Senator Ted Cruz had just offered his endorsement after not endorsing him at the RNC.  I wonder how he feels about this endorsement now.

Even though the New York Post indicated that the Moderators had hijacked the debate, I felt that they good a good job of trying to keep the speakers on topic.  Anderson Cooper asked Donald Trump if he had assaulted women sexually like he proclaimed.  He replied by stating that he would take out ISIS.  Hillary was asked whether he husband disparaged the Affordable Care Act by calling it the silliest thing ever.  She responded by highlighting some of the problems with the Act but also pointing out that people with preexisting conditions could not be excluded from signing up.  Hillary had to be coaxed from going over her two minutes but she stayed on topic.

On the question of changing tax policy for the wealthy, Mr. Trump said that he would eliminate the carried interest provision,  He said nothing about the loophole that allowed him to declare a nine-hundred million dollar loss on his 2015 taxes.  Hillary Clinton indicated that she would not raise taxes on those individuals or families making less than two-hundred fifty thousand a year.  She indicated that wealthier people should pay their fair share.  I wonder if this statement appealed to the Donald Trump supporters?  He claims he has paid 'hundreds of millions in taxes' but won't submit his tax returns to verify his statement.
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I think that Donald Trump interrupted Hillary once too many times.  The moderators had to remind him of this often.  He had the nerve to bring up Bill Clinton's past indiscretions while glossing over the fact that he is on his third marriage.  Hillary apologized once again for her use of a private email server.  Donald Trump promised to appoint a special prosecutor and have her arrested if he is elected.   Many observers likened this to the politics of a third world country.  I appreciated Hillary's response about environmental regulations.  We do have to address global warming in a big way.  Donald Trump blamed the EPA for driving businesses away.  Maybe Mr. Trump should research why Superfund was created and rethink his position on regulations on pollution and hazardous waste.

The candidates were asked what they liked about each other to finish the debate.  Hillary liked the success of Donald's children.  Donald liked the never quit attitude of Hillary Clinton.  The debates will be fact checked all this week.  The fissure in the Republican party might be healed somewhat if another Trump bombshell is not waiting in the shadows.  Coincidentally, the Trump Taj Mahal closed its doors last night.  Twenty-eight hundred people lost the jobs that Donald Trump claims he will bring back to America.  I hope people turn out to vote in November.  Many are voting now.  Good Luck to the candidates and to America, 

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