Will the latest email discovery spoil the Election?

We are less than two weeks away from the Presidential election in the United States.  November 8th will be a pivotal day in the annals of American history.  On one hand we could have the election of the first woman to the office. This could be historic based on the fact that only white male landowners could vote when our constitution was ratified.  The 19th Amendment, which gave women the right to vote, was ratified in 1920.  It will have been 96 years since women could vote that they could elevate one of their own.  We have seen the first African American President serve eight years.  President Obama also represents the growing number of biracial Americans in this country.  He has roots in Kenya also and, as many of us, has DNA that comes from a number of sources.

The Make America Great Again movement is puzzling.  It is led by a very rich man who seems to be mad about everything.  The New York Times published all of his angry tweets recently.  I guess a politician has to belittle the process to make people believe that he/she has the power to change it.  A reference was made to 'draining the swamp in Washington'.  I just spent last weekend in Washington, DC at Howard University Homecoming.  I love DC.  It is definitely not a swamp.  There is so much construction going on that I am amazed at the plans that are being made for this city.  If the District wasn't great before, it is headed in the right direction.  In fact, the Presidential candidate who preaches gloom and doom, just opened a high end hotel there.  Would a pessimist actually do this?

The pundits are spinning the latest revelation by the FBI that it is looking into emails discovered on the computer of Huma Abedin.  She is the wife of disgraced former Congressman Anthony Weiner.  He resigned from Congress because he couldn't stop Tweeting obscene pictures of himself.  He supposedly reformed himself and ran for Mayor of New York City.  It was revealed during this attempt at reviving his career that his Carlos Danger persona was at it again with a woman he barely knew. The FBI supposedly found some emails relating to Hillary Clinton on a computer seized from his wife.  I do fault Hillary Clinton for using a private server to conduct official business.  What purpose did this really serve?  Donald Trump has had a field day referring to the 30,000 deleted emails.  Will this latest discovery blow the top off of Hillary's run.  Public opinion, at this point in the campaign, is very important.

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Donald Trump has had his own tribulations to deal with based on his own words.  He had a fascination with Howard Stern.  He appeared on his radio show numerous times to discuss women and other issues.  He said some really vulgar things about women and dismissed it as locker room talk.  I have been in locker rooms and most people that I know never talk like that.  We don't grab women's genitals or force our tongues in women's mouths without their permission.  At least eleven women have come forward to say that Donald Trump did exactly what he said to Billy Bush to them.  He claimed in the last debate that their claims had all been debunked.  He also promises to sue them after the election.  I guess he will be the only President, if he wins, on trial for numerous lawsuits.  Trump University is not out of the legal realm yet.

Hillary Clinton did come out and ask for immediate clarity on the content of the emails discovered by the FBI.  On the other side, Paul Ryan and Kelly Ann Conway, gloated and blamed all of this attention on Hillary herself.  The voting public has already cast early votes.  Absentee ballots are already being tallied.  Will undecided voters decide to go with Trump or Clinton based on the unrelenting stream of Wikileak revelations or other information revealed in this age of instant news gratification.  I have to force myself to turn off CNN so I can do things around my house.  This election has been all encompassing ever since Donald Trump rode down the escalator in his Trump Tower.  Chris Christie is now fighting for his political life.  I will address his travails in another post.  Eleven days to go.  Will Hillary's emails derail a well laid out plan to become President?  We will see. 

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