Boardwalk Empire Sizzled Last Night

I have been a little impatient with my Sunday night show this year.   The secnd season of Boardwalk Empire has sleep walked at times this season.  After last season with the intrigue of Nucky being turned on by his own brother and surrogate son, the pursuit by FBI agenst, the federal government and the involvement of Chalky White this season has been somewhat boring.  All of that changed for me and other viewers last night.

The villain this year has been Gyp Rosetti.  He is a very evil Italian gangster.  I thought Nucky would have had him dealt with by now.  He blew away Jimmy last year for crossing him.He shot a teenager in the head for pilfering liquor from one of his routes.  He was flaunting his woman on the side on a regular basis.  His wife was so into the revenge aspect for this that she began an affair with the bodyguard.  This didn't end up well.

The one positive for me is that Eli and Nucky began to repair their relationship.  Eli tried to warn Micky Doyle about ignoring Nucky's orders for transporting the hooch and it led to a massacre of Nucky's men.Gyp Rosetti was the perpetrator of this slaughter and that was about five episodes ago.  When is the retaliation going to occur?  Nucky tried to call in his partners in crime to begin a war.  All of them passed on the prospect of beginning a war with Gyp and Joe Masaria.  In fact, one of his business partners warned Joe, after proposing a heroin deal, of an upcoming attempt on his life.

Margaret earned her place in the dog house this season.  She signed over a large tract of land to the Catholic church last season.  She tried to play the holier than thou role this year.  She was leading women's reproductive health classes this season until the Bishop shut them down.  It was also revealed last night that she was pregnant with Owen's child,  Their plan to escape and have post-Nucky bliss was thwarted when he was delivered in a crate to where Nucky was staying. Margaret almost lost it and Nucky was looking like WTH!  Owen's skills as the potential assassin of Joe Masaria could have been clouded by love.

The racial issue came into play last night also.  It wasn't just black and white.  One of the characters last night made a joke about Italians and catfish that referenced bottom feeders.  It was equally offensive as any jokes referring to African Americans.  Chalky White approached Nucky about potentially opening up a club in the crater that was created when Gyp Rosetti blew up Nuvky's girl on the Boradwalk.  Nucky reminded him about the invisible line that he could not cross and dismissed him like a little child.  The pressure of Gyp Rosetti is weighing him down.

The worst scene from last night involved Gyp Rosetti.  A newcomer to the show ran his mouth too much about the sea and a lost shipment of liquor.  He wound up in the sand up to his had,  He was obviously in a bad situation and his cousin pleaded for his life.  Gyp has burned police officers, killed people for innocent remarks and engagedin S & M acts on camera this season.  How come I was horrified but no shocked when he killed the man by whacking his head continuously with a shovel.  He then tol the cousin "You owe me".  Talking about Gangster!!  It looks like Nucky could lose this war.

There are only two episodes left.  I am hyped now and I hope that it ends well.  The way the Sopranos ended was sanitized and uneventful.  Gangsters don't often have a chance to walk away scot free at the end of their run or stay at the top. 

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