Pre-Election Day and No Anxiety

The Election for President of the United States, Senators, State Representatives, Auditor Generals and other positions is tomorrow.  Many elected officials of the Democratic persuasion are preaching gloom and doom if Mitt Romney were to win tomorrow.  Living in Pennsylvania, we already know that a Republican government will preach self-help with a decreasing emphasis on government assistance.  Adult basic, a health insurance program for low-income Pennsylvanians, was cut as soon as Governor Corbett was sworn into office.  People have had disability payments reduced.  Funding to institutions of higher learning have been reduced also.  The major inner under the Corbett administration has been the Marcellus Shale industry.

We are facing an onslaught of commercials and robo-calls right now.  I am perplexed by the Republicans desire to cut the number of people who rely on food stamps to help feed their family.  Governor Romney is now promising to create 12 million new jobs.  I wondered how it is going to be possible to do this when the Republicans shot down President Obama's attempt to sponsor a Jobs bill.  I am still trying to figure out the relevance of the stimulus bill when the economy is still in recession mode.  There have been some encouraging job numbers but many people, including myself, are struggling to find work.

Many people have become disillusioned about the present state of the economy.  I read about an African American minister, who might not be the only one, who feels that President Obama crossed a major line when he supported same sex marriage.  In spite of his success on other issues like reducing the troop level in Iraq, stopping the civil war in Libya and passing affordable health care, it can be single issues like same sex marriage that will derail his re-election hopes.  I dare not mention the fact that people are saying that white America will not support an African American for re-election.  President Obama is biracial and is reflective of the changing racial make-up of America.  Race was and will be an issue in our country for years to come.

One major issue for new college graduates in a high level of student loan debt.  Also, many have to search far and wide for an acceptable job.  Many students will have to move back home to make ends meet.  When President Obama helped to bail out the auto industry it was because blue collar jobs wee taking a beating.  We couldn't afford to lose Detroit and other cities in Ohio to continued job losses.  It is predicted not that whomever wins Ohio, wins the election.  Governor Romney is stumping hard in Pennsylvania today.  This state, and its electoral votes, will be very important in the overall race.  People are voting early now.  It is reported that Florida is experiencing long lines and frustration.  I hope that this frustration does not deter people from voting.

In the end result, the job of public service for the next few years will be decided by the voters who decide to turn out and exercise their right tomorrow.  Republican, Democrat or Independent voters should not miss out on this right that was earned by blood, sweat and tears.  After all of the campaigning, the defeat of Newt and Rick Santorum, Herman Cain and Michelle Bachman, we can look forward to the next four years with high expectations or apprehension.  Whatever happens, I am ready to deal with the consequences.

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