Christmas Holidays 2012: I appreciate Life

We are heading towards New Years 2012.  We survived the end of the world as predicted by the Mayans about one thousand years ago.  I am thankful about my present situation with my Family, my Life and my Health.  My Wife just had a colonoscopy today and was deemed to be in good heath.  My job situation had been tenuous but recently some good news helped me to look at things in a different way.  Also, the fiscal cliff doesn't seem to bother me as my present income level would not subject me to the taxes that our more fortunate Americans are dreading.

I am driving for FedEx as I write.  Today I delivered a package to a young lady that was living in supportive housing in he Eastwick section of Philadelphia.  I had a large package that I normally would have left at someones doorstep.  She stopped me before I left and asked me to bring the package inside.  She was in a vulnerable situation but I have morals and compassion.  There but for the grace of God go I.  I take that statement seriously even though my Faith has wavered recently.  I would never take advantage of someone weaker than me but some people would.

I appreciated the closeness of my Family this year.  We had our traditional Christmas Eve party.  About 100 people attended.  My brother Julius did not participate as we are slightly estranged this year.  I take the situation in stride because my relationship with Shawn is as strong as its ever been.  I realize that my Wife is the best thing that ever happened to me and I work on this aspect of my life.  My Children are important to me and I appreciate time spent at home more.  I am listening to Estelle Swaray's 2012 All of Me CD and life is good.

I just read that a storm that is currently affecting the U.S. has claimed at least 12 lives.  Once again, I empathize with everyone affected by tragedies and natural disasters.  I can imagine the pain felt by the parents affected by the tragedy in Newtown as they endured what should have been an excellent Holiday season.  I can also imagine the pain felt by someone that drowned or is felld by a falling tree.  Burying a small child who was preparing to experience the ups and downs of life is horrible.  Christmas decorations sometimes do little to excite.  The Philadelphia Daily News ran an article today about the people murdered in Philadelphia this year and the pain felt throughout the city is palpable.  God Bless you Angeanette and Richard Watson and Rest in Peace Vanessa Watson.

I am getting ready to write my Brother Joe.  He has been incarcerated for a number of years now.  His child has grown up without a Mother.  Sheena was a great person who would have made an impact on Alicia's life.  He is still my Brother and I have neglected him.  As I end this blog, I understand the importance of Family and love.  I realize that life will not be perfect as we progress on towards our destiny.  Happy New Years to everyone in my small circle.

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