The Tragedy in Connecticut

I am as horrified as the next person about the fact that 20 beautiful little children were slaughtered in Connecticut yesterday.  I was working my FedEx route yesterday and had no time to really cont mplate the bloodshed at the time.  I heard the news and had to continue working.  I immediately thought about my own children.  They are 23 and 19 now.  They didn't attend private schools.  We would have been helpless to protect them against a deranged individual like this Lanza person.  It is the time for contemplation and Holiday celebrations and these families will have to plan funerals.

The shooter killed his own Mother before he began his rampage.  What warped twisted person would think about doing this?  What could she have done to him to provoke being murdered by someone she nurtured.  It was reported that he was mildly autistic.  Does this still present a reason to slaughter innocent children?  Other reports said he was brilliant but socially awkward.  He was 20 years old and lived a comfortable life.  What caused him to go over the edge?

One of my questions wold be why the Mother owned five guns legally.  The town in which the crime occurred was so calm that it only had three police detectives.  Crime was not an issue like it is here in Philadelphia.  In spite of this, the principal, who was tragically killed, had implement new security procedures.  The schools psychologist was also slaughtered in the carnage.  I read her biography and she was talented and protective of her students.  It is not a happy ending for her husband and grown daughters.

President Obama was noticeably upset when he recalled the carnage in a press conference.  This incident caused worldwide sympathy for the families affected.  Can we be more like Britain where the incidences of mass slaughter are few?  The National Rifle Association has resisted all calls for gun control until today.  Will their resistance to this need to stop slaughter of innocents now fade.  Once again, why have guns in a house with someone with a form of mental illness?

My heart goes out to the parents and families of the victims.  I hung my Christmas lights and we are planning a Holiday celebration.  These Families will be torn apart by grief and numerous funerals.  The pain right now has to be unbearable!!!  Please hug your children and family members.  We are living in a society where every day could be your last.  Literally.

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