Good Luck to the LaSalle Explorers

I have not followed college basketball much this season.  At this stage in my life, I have become more of a fan during the NCAA tournament.  When I was in high school and college it was a different story.  Watching Michael Jordan, James Worthy, Chris Mullin, Keith Lee, Patrick Ewing and Alonzo McFarlan was worthy of my time.  Derrick Coleman, Keith Smart, Wayman Tisdale and Dwayne the Pearl Washington were some of my other favorite players.  Recently, Villanova has fallen off and Temple hasn't been the same since John Chaney left.

I was surprised when three Philadelphia area teams were chosen for the NCAA tournament.  Neither one of them won their conference tournament.  In fact, I heard that the Big East was disbanding and many of those teams were heading elsewhere.  What in the name of Providence, Syracuse and Louisville is going on?  Jay Writght's lustre seems to have worn off.  He was a constant threat to lead his team at least to the Sweet 16.  His teams are a one and done machine now.  I am glad Temple won a game this year.  Khaliff Wyatt, if he would have had some help, could have become a legend with his scoring ability.  They could have beat Indiana if someone else wanted to score.

LaSalle had to begin the tournament as a play in team.  They were outside the realm of the 64 teams and were apparently on the bubble.  They beat Boise State during a hard fought battle.  Their game against Kansas State was an early blow out that turned into a nail biting victory.  The second half really showed their need for a big man but Jerrel Wright, a Philly native, handled himself well down the stretch.  Ramon Galloway lit it up in the first half anf the team gutted out a tough victory.

The win against Mississippi was also a hard fough battle.  LaSalle plays primarily with four guards but their lack of size didn't hurt them to date.  I am trying to recall why the LaSalle teams of Lionel Simmons tenure didn't advance past the first round of the NCAA tournament.  He was a machine like scorer and I think he finished with over 3,000 points during his career.  The present LaSalle team has advance the furthest of any Explore team since 1955.  Lionell Simmons was shown in the stands supporting his alma mater.  I am proud of the teams effort and anticipate the match up with Wichita State tonight.

I saw Earl Pettis yesterday.  He won a chamionship while at Neumann Goretti and played collegiately at Rutgers and LaSalle.  He just got finished playing pro ball in Hungary.  I am quite sure he will be watching tonight.  I wish LaSalle great effort tonight.  It seems like they have no fear.  I hope the game doesn't come down to the need for a Southwest Philly floater but I will take one from Tyrone Garland if we need it.   Continue to make Philadelphia proud!!

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