My 100th Post: A Time To Reflect

I was new to the Blogger scene two years ago.  My first post last about 60 words and referenced my purchase of a Tee Time Book.  I haven't bought a Tee Time book yet this year.  Golf is for guys with disposable income.  I will have some in the upcoming months.  Right now, it is grind time.  I have written about the Firing of Joe Paterno, Scandal in the Catholic Church, the NBA lockout, the effects of NFL concussions and the deaths of people close to me.  I have also realized that a solid blog entry is at least five paragraphs long.

Sometimes, death comes in threes.  I posted about Al Brown earlier this week.  I went to his viewing at St. Thomas Aquinas Church on Tuesday.  Immediately afterwards, I went to a funeral for Bryant Washington at Enon Baptist Church.  Bryant was the older brother of Kajet Washington who is a close friend of mine.  Yesterday, I found out that one of my former students from the Performance Learning Center, Sabir Bryant-Sanford, was shot and killed over the weekend in Southwest Philly.  He was a decent young man who had entered into the next phase of his life with anticipation for the future.  Unfortunately, his life ended in a hail of bullets.  Rest in Peace all.

There were some milestones that occurred this week also.  Renee Miller celebrated a birthday.  I am so sorry that I missed her party.  Mom Helen and Kia prepared the food.  I helped shop but I fell asleep on Friday. Dang!!  The Wallace's helped my Mom and my Brothers celebrate her 81st birthday on Sunday.  My Brother Brian came in town to mark the occasion.  Mike Mike Wallace celebrated his 17th Birthday on Sunday and Kevin Wallace Jr. celebrates today.  My Bubbie in heaven will celebrate on March 10th.  Also, Uncle Paul will celebrate his 80th Birthday at the end of this month.

The Miami Heat are on a 16 game winning streak.  As much as I hated on the Big Three getting together to pursue rings, they are playing at a high level.  Meanwhile, the Sixers lost again last night and we are heading towards the lottery.  I referenced the Jeff Ruland trade in an earlier post and Andrew Bynum continues to live down to the expectations we had for a resurgence.  Andre Iguadala is on a playoff bound team in Denver and I will be pulling for them.  Are we seeing the end of Kobe's run? The Lakers came back from 20 down on the Hornets last night but got beat by OKC on Tuesday.  I am not hyped about March Madness.  I will use my free time to work on some chipping and putting.

I got five of my projects approved last night at the South EPIC planning meeting.  I spent all week preparing minutes, agendas and budget requests.  I even had to order refreshments as BJ must have trusted all of my professional judgement.  This morning I will place ceramic tiles at Childs School.  It used to be called Barratt and I honed my limited jump shot on the courts.  The tiles are supposed to last for years and I will place Alonna, Mike, Me Shawn and Mom Keith for eternity.  I have a meeting with a potential Stakeholder from Grays Ferry later today.  Essays are due today for a Cultural Awareness Essay contest that my organization is sponsoring.  It is a great week and my Alonna is coming home for Spring Break.  Life is pretty good right now.

P.S. The statue is located in Southwest Philly and is of a World War II soldier.  I like pictures in my Blogs now.

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