Al Brown: Rest in Peace

I was informed of the death of Al Brown via Facebook on Thursday morning.  I was shocked.  Al Brown was a long time advocate for the residents of South Philadelphia.  He and his wife, Donna Brown, operated the Point Breeze Performing Arts Center.  My daughter attended classes there from approximately 1998 to 2003.  I enjoyed the performances and the interaction with other parents.  I first met Al when the members of the Point Breeze Federation, Inc. were trying to renovate Landreth School. 

One of the best times I had while volunteering with the Parent's association was when Point Breeze Avenue was blocked off for a Black Tie event/fundraiser.  A heated tent was erected right in front of the center and a group called Bloodstone, if I'm not mistaken, performed.  The parents and students were dressed to the nines.  Some of the performances while Shoshonna, Michelle and Artie were there were legendary.  Al and Donna Brown were catalysts for social progress through Art!  Alonna gave up dance, pursued soccer and I lost touch with PBPAC's efforts.  I would still follow their performances through the newspaper and social media.

He was a tall Brother with a baritone voice.  He was stern but fair with the students.  Eventually, the Point Breeze Performing Arts Center became involved in community development activities.  During Alonna's years at Central, Al Brown allowed her to complete community service hours at the Center.  Al was a go to person for outreach, clean ups and intervention with our youth and adults in Point Breeze.  I will reach out to Ashley Brown, his daughter, and eventually to his wife.  Al Brown, Good Brother that you are, Rest in Peace!!

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