Mother Nature is Not On Our Side This Week

I was at a concert last Monday night at Wiggins Park in Camden, NJ to see Point Blank.  The weather didn't cooperate and we decided to hang out in the parking lot and continue our party.  Rain and lightning forced the performers to abort their attempt to entertain.  It was the third Monday in a row that it rained in the Delaware Valley.  We spent money on tolls and parking and didn't lose too much.  I can imagine the families that scheduled vacations and do not get to enjoy the glorious sunshine.

I read with sadness this week that 19 elite firefighters died battling a fire in Prescott, Arizona.  Most of these men were between 21 and 43 years old.  Many of them had been socond generation firefighters and superior athletes.  It was reported in the New York Times that these hot dry summers are producing dangerous conditions in our Western states that are becoming the new normal.  In spite of their training, the changing direction of the fire proved too much for these 19 firefighters.  The mourning process will begin and we can question whether global warming is the cause.

A tornado touched down in New Jersey yesterdaay.  It wasn't devastating to our communites like the tornados in Oklahoma this year that killed children and devastated schools but it had to be a scary experience none the less.  We also lost citizens to flash flooding in Central, PA and residents in Downingtown, Pa are leery of the Delaware River rising.  They have suffered flooding a couple of times over the last few years.  The moisture level in the ground has to be at dangerous levels.

The heat in Arizon has been reported to be the hottest ever recorded.  In Las Vegas, temperatures have soared to over 115 degrees with a heat index of 140 degrees.  What in the name of blue blazes is going on here?  We endured a moderate winter in Philadelphia.  I had a tough gas bill in February and March.  We didn't have a major snowstorm though.  All in all, I will take this dreary weather and try to look at the bright side.  I cannot afford to go on vacation right now so I am not sitting in a hotel/motel room suffering.

My homey Hound and his Family are in California at the beach.  The weather looks overcast but fun.  The Welcome America Festival is to take place this week with fireworks and a concert.  Kevin Hart and the Roots, along with Jill Scott, are set to make Philly proud.  I am hoping for a modicum of pleasant weather with no major mishaps.  We should definitely not have any drought conditions this summer with the abundance of moisture.  Also, early Happy Birthday to my daughter Alonna.

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