My 50th Birthday Week was Special

I appreciate the opportunity a blog can afford an individual in a society where free exchange of information prevails.  I need to make sure I back up all of my posts as the basis for a book that I have been writing for awhile.  Tuesday, July 23rd, 2013 was a warm, humid day.  We have been in the midst of a major heat wave on the East Coast.  As I write today, it has been raining most of the day.  The Eagles began practice at the Linc after losing Jeremy Maclin for the season. 

I woke up Tuesday sort of melancholy.  I was thinking of my 40th Birthday party and the fact that friends were flying in from all over the country.  Even though I had no plans for a major party, it was a slow start.  I had a manager's meeting at work that day.  I also had two appointments with some individuals who will be working with our program this year.  I was surprised at lunch when we had a pot luck to celebrate my 50th with some co-workers from United Communities.  Carys, Nate, Danielle and Andrea, who was celebrating her 29th birthday, all bought in dishes and cupcakes.  I owe them one when Carys gets back from Wales.

I finished some paperwork for DHS and left work.  I went to the South Philly Tap Room and had a cold one.  I met Doug Nesmith and Kevin Price at the 22nd Street Cafe and had a Brandy Martini and a Corona.  Shawn then took me to Fat Tuesday and I had a High Octane frozen drink.  Murray Spencer met us there and then we went to Jon's and had some wings and a bucket of Coronas.  It was a blessed day.  My Mom started with the birthday calls and next was my Sister Kia!  I love her!  We have been exchanging calls for at least 25 years.  My little Sister Leah also called.

I received text messages from Mona Smith, Kevin Wallace, Lauren Smith, Donnell Smith and Donnell Smith II, Zaje Richardson, Angie Houston-Owens, Rab Hamilton, Tasha Samuels, Lisa Moore, Little Momma. Tammy Hill, Jon Wright, Sydney Boone, Trevor Mayo and Joe Gillespie.  I received Facebook wishes from many people.  I feel truly blessed.  My Drew Crew wished me well: Manotti Jenkins, Howard Hamilton, Lamont Crawford, Darryl Hudson, Jay Durrah and Chris Cathcart.

I partied with Gram on his birthday.  I first visited with Kia though.  I took her some collard greens from our urban garden.  She gave me some beautiful cuff links.  I feel so special!! Gram bought a case of Heinekens and a Fifth of Jameson by the house.  Kevin and Reggie Wallace stopped by also.  Mike Wallace and Michelle Taylor also stopped by.  We laughed and reminisced for a couple of hours.  We finished up at Scotty's with a night cap.

I had a vacation day on Friday.  I  got a manicure from Toni Lomax.  I bought a hoagie downtown and read a book in Rittenhouse Square.  I finished an Eric Jerome Dickey novel, Decadence and a novel by Michael Connelly, The Black Box.  I met with Stephanie Cunningham at McCormick & Schmicks and then I met with David Stubbs at Lucky Strike for Wings and Fries.  On Saturday, we had Tilapia and Fries.  I relaxed today and I wanted to document the blessings in my life.  Little Mike has a job and seems like a great employee!!  I made spaghetti and we will have a Mimosa before True Blood comes on.  Thank God for the Blessings!! 

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