Phil Mickelson Handled the Business at the British Open

I was pretty excited heading into Sunday.  It was the finals of the British Open and I was poised for a Tiger Woods comeback.  The pundits had already indicated that Tiger had never won a Major when he was trailing on Sunday but he was looking pretty smooth as he finished up his round on Saturday.
He was battling it out with Lee Westwood and it looked like the day for him to break his major drought.

I was oblivious to the time difference on Sunday as I set about making breakfast and completing some morning chores.  I was ready to sit down and check out the Tiger comeback when I saw Phil Mickelson smiling and holding the Claret Jug.  He had just completed a round of 66 with a string of birdies to cap an improbable comeback.  It was his first British Open win and his fifth major title.  My homey Tiger finished five shots out in a tie for 6th place.  I was shocked to say the least.

I should feel an affinity for Phil because he is a left handed golfer.  Also, he is an American who is internationally known.  I guess I will have to pull for him in the future.  My days of thinking that Tiger can break Jack Nicklaus' record of 18 majors seems to be fading fast.  There is some hope though.  Phil is now 43 years old and can still put together electrifying rounds.  Maybe Tiger can too.  Phil has a beautiful Family.  Tiger was killing the game when he was apparently playing the field with dozens of women.  I hope I can begin to switch my allegiance.

Golf is one of the toughest sports to master.  There was a young phenom named Anthony Kim who was making noise on the Tour at one time.  He is now an apparent has been.  Michelle Wie thought that she was so dominant that she could compete with men.  She has never won a Major and barely finishes in the top 10 in tournaments now.  I hope Lexi Thompson can live up to expectations.  I remember a young golfer, Tadd Fujikawa, who turned pro at 16.  He was the youngest player ever to make a cut at a major and has had a forgettable pro career.  The game is unforgiving.

I think that Phil will definitely make the Golf Hall of Fame.  I am not sure of the requirements to get in but he is well on his way.  He adapted his game to links golf and it paid off in a big way.  He used to be known as a golfer who feared no courses and paid for it with his bombs away style.  Getting older has helped him to anticipate and shape more shots.  I want to give Phil and his Family kudos for the win yesterday.  Tiger is making the same old excuses after every major loss and it is getting tiresome. 

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