Tyrell Woodson: Rest in Peace

Although the death of Tyrell Woodson won't make national news, I feel the need to document it none the less.  I taught Tyrell for the better part of two school years at the Performance Learning Center in Southwest Philadelphia.  Tyrell was a tall, handsome brother who was working towards finishing his high school diploma in an accelerated program.  Sometimes he would show up late.  Sometimes it seemed like he was up partying the night before.  For many of the students that I interacted with, life was a pretty tough struggle.  Tyrell died as a result of gunshot wounds.  Who knows what led up to this occurring.  Whatever it was, it could not have been worth his life.

Earlier this year, Sabir Bryant Sanford was gunned down in Southwest Philadelphia.  Both of these young men were nice gentlemen in the classroom.  It is pretty tough on the streets.  Just yesterday in the Philadelphia Daily News, it was recounted that 8 men were gunned down over the course of last week.  Once again, there will be no protest marches and life will go on.  I remember that Tyrell was pretty cool with Chavonne and Willie.  He was a nice guy.  Sadly, he will never see another day.  I wish your family Godspeed as it tries to heal from this tragedy.

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