2013: The Year in Review

I can truly say that this year flew by.  I feel that you have to set goals and try to accomplish them at my age because time waits for no one.  The year started off on a positive not for me job wise because I started working for United Communities on January 7th.  I had been driving for FedEx as a holiday driver when 2012 ended.  This was after two attempts at utilizing the CDL which I acquired in early 2012.  I am truly thankful for paid time off and benefits.

Shawn and I celebrated twenty-five years of marriage this year.  Mike II and Alonna are true blessing in our life and we work hard to provide for them.  I went to Jerome and Pam's wedding this  year.  Thank goodness I didn't attend any funerals.  I am concerned about the health of my brother Gary.  He is in a serious battle with cancer.  I feel aches and pains that I didn't feel at twenty-five but I am blessed to be here.
I need to be more consistent with my power walks.  I will golf more when the budget rebounds.

Gerry Mayo turned fifty earlier this year.  She treated at least twenty-five of us to the Chart House.  It was an awesome evening and I truly appreciated it.  Aunt Justina Moore turned seventy-five this year.  We celebrated at her house on a beautiful day.  She is the proud parent of Terry Moore-Brown and Lisa Moore. She has six grandchildren and two great grandchildren.  I also partied with my Mom Helen Boggs, Mom Marge and Kia on her birthday at the Lincoln Post.  Thanks Kia for keeping me in the Jay Clan loop!!  I appreciate the milestones for the special people in my life.

I won an election as the Inspector of Elections this year.  I had worked both the primary and the general election as the Machine Inspector in the 36th Ward. I am concentrating on the Ward leader position now and will try to build allies leading up to the May primary.  I am looking at getting involved at the State level also.  I think it is time for change in Philadelphia.  I know that this is a political euphemism but I believe it.
I would also like to mimic the Northeast Democrats by organizing a South Philadelphia voting bloc.

The Miami Heat won their second NBA championship in a row.  The Baltimore Ravens won the Super Bowl.  The Boston Red Sox won the World Series.  I felt really good for the fans in Boston after the horrific bombing at the Boston Marathon.  The Philadelphia Soul lost the Arena Football championship.  The Louisville Cardinals won the NCAA basketball championship and the Alabama Crimson Tide won the NCAA football championship.  Floyd Mayweather is still undefeated and Anderson Silva just broke his leg in gruesome fashion trying to regain his MMA championship.  The Eagles fired Andy Reid and just clinched the NFC East championship with a win over the Dallas Cowboys.

The federal government was shutdown as a result of the furor over the Affordable Healthcare Act.  It was a major accomplishment of the Obama Administration and the Republicans played their hand and lost badly.
This month was the one year anniversary of the horrible school shooting in Newtown, CT.  There have been other school shootings.  Most recently in Colorado, a high school student killed a classmate before shooting himself.  There still has been no movement on gun control and I don't expect it to happen soon.  A thirteen year old and fourteen year old were shot and killed in Newark, NJ on Christmas day and that news barely provides a ripple in the shock and awe landscape.

We sold our property on Bonsall Street this year.  We had our Annual Christmas Eve party.  We had a Block Party.  Mike had his first recent work experience.  Cash is expecting a child.  My job has been going well but I need to make more money in 2014.  I am pretty satisfied at how the year is ending.  I will hang out with Shawn tonight at Harrah's and will work hard to make 2014 a Positive Year!!

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