Paul Walker: Art Imitates Life?

I read with surprise about the death of Paul Walker.  Paul was a 40 year old actor who found continued success with the Fast and Furious race car franchise.  Vin Diesel will probably be remembered as the face of this series when they finish filming.  Until then, Mr. Walker, Tyrese and Ludacris will also be connected to this series.  Why was I not shocked when it was stated that Mr. Walker was in a car driven by his financial advisor at a high rate of speed.

Dwayne 'the Rock' Johnson also played in Fast and Furious 6.  One of the members of the crew who had supposedly been killed, was really living and working for some car thieves.  It happened to be Vin's girlfriend.  He is actually living with his current girlfriend.  Only in the movies would your main squeeze encourage you to go find you old 'dead' girlfriend.  Go figure.

In Fast and Furious 3, Tokyo Drift, Bow Wow also played in the movie.  Paul Walker did not play in this episode.  There is a type of racing called drift racing and it always ends with Vin or one of his associates winning the race.  Bow Wow was not invited back for future episodes and probably for good reason.  There also was some reference to the Yakuza in this movie.  The Japanese mob does not play and their impact was glossed over.

Paul Walker had amassed a cult following based on the reaction to his death.  He leaves behind a 15 year old daughter to mourn his memory.  He had a foundation that was designed to raise funds for victims of natural disasters.  They had just hosted a successful fundraiser and were within hearing distance of the crowd when the crash occurred.  He is to be commended for his concern for those less fortunate.  The drivers son had to be restrained from the scene of the carnage.  It might have been some mechanical issues that caused the crash also.

It was stated today that filming will go on for the 7th episode of this movie series.  It gets old after awhile.  How many ways can you steal a car?  How many times can you hop from the top of a tractor trailer or a moving train onto another moving train?  Who else will come back from the dead?  I wish them luck as they try to complete filming with this tragedy that just happened.  How unbelievable will the race scenes actually be?  Was Mr. Walker trying to imitate some of these movie scenes in his real life?  Art does imitate life in some instances.  In the case of his recent accident, many will speculate as to the real cause behind his fatal accident.

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