Duck Dynasty Controversy is Well Deserved

I must admit that I do watch a few reality shows on television.  Basketball Wives did not make my list this season though.  After they got rid of Jennifer Williams, I was done with the show.  I gave up Real Housewives of Atlanta also.  Many of those women were living above their means trying to front for the cameras.  Kandi Burruss is a legitimate millionaire but not married to anyone.  Go figure.  I have watched a few episodes of Love and Hip Hop.  Peter Gunz would be cut up in real life for the stunts he has pulled.

I had never heard of Duck Dynasty before last week.  One of the main actors, Phil Robertson, created quite a firestorm when his virulently anti-gay statements were published in a GQ interview.  He has compared homosexuality to bestiality.  He made the same statements in a recorded interview in Pennsylvania in 2010.  He was suspended from A&E after the comments became national news.  This weekend, he continued with his tirade and refused to apologize.  He said he is getting his guidance from the Good Book but does not quote specific scripture.

The show is based on the Robertson family who became wealthy from their family operated business, Duck Commander, which is based in Louisiana.  The buzz that Mr. Robertson created made me want to watch an episode.  In fact, the show has broken several ratings records on both A&E and cable television as a whole.  I watched about 15 minutes of an episode.  Mr. Robinson was teaching his grandson how to extract honey from a bee hive.  Also, some family members were stuck on a roof.  Maybe the audience connects with their down home way of life.  It could also be the family values they supposedly espouse.  In any case, it did not hold my interest.  I would rather watch River Monsters.

The network's decision to suspend Mr. Robertson has caused a few of the usual suspects to emerge from the sidelines.  Sarah Palin, in defense of Mr. Robertson's hateful comments, indicates that 'Free speech is an endangered species; those intolerant hatin & taking on Duck Dynasty patriarch for voicing personal opinions take on us all'.  Governor Bobby Jindal of Louisiana chimed in also.  He indicates that the Robertson's are great citizens of the state.  He indicates that 'the politically correct crowd is tolerant of all viewpoints, except those they disagree with'.  In essence, it is okay to tear down members of our society without regard to the consequences of those statements.

Gay teenagers have been the subject of harassment and intimidation for many years.  The LGBT community is here and should not be persecuted based on someone else's interpretation of the Bible.  If one of my children were gay, I would work hard to make them feel welcome and to realize their potential.  Governor Corbett even likened same sex love to sleeping with your brother/sister.  As a heterosexual male, I am happy and content.  I want all of my fellow Americans to feel the same way.  Mr. Robertson's statements could lead to hate crimes and that would further alienate homosexual males and their families.  I don't know how long Mr. Robertson's suspension will last.  If he doesn't apologize for his statement, it should last indefinitely.

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