Eric Utsey: Rest In Peace

My first post this morning was going to be about the Philadelphia Eagles.  After my early morning perusal of Facebook, I discovered that one of my childhood friends had passed away.  Eric Utsey was a really smooth Brother.  He played ball at the YMCA and various other venues in South Philadelphia.  He always dressed nice and was always positive when I saw him.  He had a great outlook on life and made us proud.

He moved to the DMV area years ago and had started his own business.  I heard that he had a stroke a couple of years ago and I did reach out to him.  I remember back in the day that his father owned a club called the Fox Trap.  I enjoyed the club for the few times that I was in there.  I know that Eric had children.  I am awaiting word of his Home going services.  I think he was at least a year younger than me.  I do not have to be reminded to appreciate the time that I have left on this earth.  Eric Utsey, you will be missed by your Family and Friends.  Rest In Peace!

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