My 300th Post: What's Happening World!!

I am up early on a Saturday.  I had a Beautiful Friday night hanging out with my Granddaughter Malayja.  I guess this is the benefit of being fifty-something.  I could have been imbibing a few coronas and Salty Dogs at Sugar House.  I decided to go to Rittenhouse Square, which is under repair and somewhat funky, and then go to B. Dalton's Book Store to see what's happening in the world.  I saw Reggie, K-Wall and Mom Wallace on my way in.  Then I watched the Cavaliers beat the Pistons and my favorite show Grimm.

On the issue of Grimm, things are heating up.  This so called Eve is showing protective feelings for Nick.  After she had Nick's mom murdered, I would have had nothing to do with her.  I thought Trouble killed her last year but the Movement saved her because she is a powerful Hexen Beast.  For the uninitiated, I don't have time to explain all of the terms.  Adalyn has been reunited with the daughter she had with Renard.  Renard is running for Mayor after the assassination of the presumptive favorite candidate.  Woo is a werewolf.  I feel so sorry for Woo.  Hank had a date with a Vesen,  I cannot wait until next week.
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The primary election in Pennsylvania is on Tuesday.  I will be working the polls.  I will vote for Hillary Clinton for President.  I will vote for Katie McGinty for Senate.  Frank Zappala will get my vote for Attorney General.  I did not even know that Larry Farnese was running for State Senate.  I haven't heard or seen a single thing other than the fact that he is under investigation for allegedly bribing a committee person in the Ward election.  I will vote for Dan Muroff for Congress only because Dwight Evans and Chaka Fattah don't impress me.  Jordan Harris is running unopposed and is the best public servant out there.  I don't know how I will choose delegates as none have campaigned in the 36th Ward.  Let's get it.

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The NBA playoffs are in full swing.  My team this year is the Toronto Raptors.  I don't know why I cannot cheer for LeBron and the Cavaliers.  I like Golden State but after they won last year, I can go with someone else.  They did break the Bulls record with 73 wins in a season.  Stephen Curry also set a majo record with 400 3-pointers in a season.  I think that this record might be unreachable.  I wonder if the Thunder can make some noise.  The 76ers might be moving in a positive direction next year.  Otherwise, Go Raptors.
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I am going to DC next week to participate in the Walk for the Cure.  It is a 5K walk and I will do it in memory of my Brother Gary.  I will try to connect with some of my Homeys in DC who I have not seen in awhile.  Prince died this week.  Another musical icon gone.  He might have overdosed on pain killers earlier this week.  I know that the constant stress of performing can play a part in these early deaths.  Vanity died a couple of months ago at the age of 57 also.  There were several mass shootings in the country yesterday.  Georgia and Ohio were the scenes of the latest bloodshed. Our country is numb to these occurrences now.

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I am going to Aunt Connie's house to help clean up her garage.  Aging is a definite and I have also helped Pop Brown, Pop Keith, Aunt Bee and Pop Bell.  I need to get rid of things that I am not using as I get older.  I love life.  I love Shawn, Mike and Alonna.  I love the Spring weather.  I love my Family.  I love writing posts in my blog.  It will outlast me in the vast outlying areas of the Internet.  Have a Blessed Day everyone and looking forward to the next 100 posts.

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