Primary Election 2016 Observations from PA

I get excited about primary and general elections.  In a country where Democracy is the basis for our form of government, participating in a process that was denied to people of color for years is very important to me.  I am a Majority Inspector for the Democratic Party in the 36th Ward.  We are in the 2nd Councilmanic District and the 2nd Congressional District.  We had a few interesting races decided on Tuesday.  It was a busy day and I was tired after delivering the polling information for the 36th and 40th divisions in addition to my own.

I missed a visit by the primary winner Katie McGinty.  I love the story of her upbringing.  One of 10 children who completed college and established a professional career.  The Senate is in need of gender equity in a big way.  She easily beat Joe Sestak in the primary.  Sestak has a storied military career and is in his mid-sixties.  He looked very casual when he voted and seemed like he was going back home.  Maybe he thought his reputation would carry him.

Chaka Fattah suffered a crushing loss at the hands of Dwight Evans.  He campaigned hard for the first time in 11 terms as a Congressman.  The corruption trial that he is facing somewhat overshadowed his repeated announcements of the millions of dollars that he has bought to the district.  He is in a senior position on Appropriations.  I doubt that Dwight Evans will reach that level in his first few terms.  I wonder what is next for Mr. Fattah.  His son is currently serving a jail term for theft of services.  I think a lot of evidence is stacked against Mr. Fattah.  I wish him well.
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The Attorney General race, I blogged on this recently, produced an interesting winner in Josh Shapiro.  There is an article in the Daily News today that mentions a schism within the Democratic City Committee endorsement for Frank Zappala.  There were some wards, particularly the 15th, which featured Josh Shapiro as the endorsed candidate.  I wonder if Bill Greenlee will suffer any consequences for this.  Many candidates pay for the privilege of being on the official ballot.  Will a refund be in the future for this breech?  Councilmen Clarke and Johnson, among many others, endorsed Shapiro and were at his victory party.  What will this support bring to Philadelphians?
Kathleen Kane is still feeling like she was targeted for selective prosecution.  I just hope the winner will lead the office in a more professional manner.  No Porngate and vindictive investigations please!

I liked the new winners for the State House: Morgan Cephas and Chris Rabb.  Vanessa Lowery Brown and Brian Sims squeaked out victories over strong challengers.  I hope that Movita Johnson-Harrell is not done after her first attempt at public office.  I have not heard of the overall participation numbers for the city.  There was a lot at stake here.  Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump won respectively for the Presidential nomination.  Ted Cruz is getting slapped around really well in the Northeastern states.   There are more primaries next Tuesday and we will see if he can stop Trump's run to the White House.

Sometime in the next 5 years there should be a challenge to leadership in the Democratic City Committee.  We need new leaders to usher us into an increasingly technical future.  We need to be able to keep young voters engaged and hopeful for the future.  I am curious about the Make America Great Again slogan uttered by one candidate.  I think we have been doing quite well under the current POTUS.  Have a Great Friday.  Good Luck at the Penn Relays to all visitors to our great city.

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