The Abortion Issue Ensnared Donald Trump: Ironic!

The Roe versus Wade decision by the United States Supreme Court established a woman's Right to Privacy when it comes to a gut wrenching decision to have an abortion.  The history of abortion goes back centuries and has engendered tension on both sides of the issue.  Pro-life activists will mention that a fetus' heart starts beating at eighteen days.  Abortion rights activists will mention the health of a woman, the inability of a woman to afford another child and the horrible cases of rape and incest. Regardless of the side that a person chooses, performing abortions is a dangerous option.

According to Wikipedia, there have been eight murders and seventeen attempted murders since 1977.  There have been 42 bombings and 186 arsons.  There have also been thousands of other incidents that were meant to intimidate or curtail a woman's right to privacy on this issue.  In Northern Ireland abortions are illegal and subject to criminal prosecution that could lead to life in prison.  This action is illegal in Japan and severely restricted in Poland.  Recently, legislators in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania have taken steps to curtail the funding for women seeking to have this procedure.

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I don't think that Donald Trump was prepared for the question and the implications of his answer.  I guess that there have been numerous attempts to overturn the Roe v. Wade decision by conservative factions in this country.  This could be one of the reasons that Republicans are determined not to review the nomination of Merrick Garland to the Supreme Court.  Mr. Trump indicated that there should be some type of punishment involved if a woman sought an abortion.  He reversed course on the issue a number or times when pressed.  The firestorm that was created by his answers were not of his own choosing.  For the people who died or were almost killed in this country, the passion that this issue arouses in other people is dangerous.  Mr. Trump could have replied that as of right now a woman has a right to privacy and that is the law of the land.  He wanted to sound like Ronald Reagan and he paid the price with a loss in Wisconsin.

According to statistics from the Center for Disease Control, there are over one million legal abortions performed every year in the United States.  No one can calculate the number of abortions performed illegally.  Nor can the number of unintended pregnancies ended by the morning after pill or by simple neglect.  The United States also has a high rate of infant mortality in cities like Philadelphia, Baltimore and Camden in which newborns die before their first birthday.  Many women are unprepared financially, mentally or personally for the responsibilities of raising a child.  The real challenge in our country arises when pro-life activists feel like every child should be raised in a nurturing and loving home.  Reality implies that this perfect home is more a myth than a reality.

I feel that individuals with means have been having abortions for years.  It is when those of us that need financial assistance take advantage of the services that problems arise.  Planned Parenthood has been under attack and their funding has become a political football.  Members of Congress have begun the efforts to defund the organization of the $500 million that has been allocated to maintain some sort of normalcy in the lives of families and women.  I don't know if this an attempt to show how conservative we have become as a nation.  Women are not taking this attempt to control their reproductive rights lightly.

Donald Trump had to issue three different statements on his responses to the questions posed on the issue of abortion.  He can also afford to handle any issue which would arise regarding an unintended pregnancy in his family without government assistance.  I feel sorry for the women who have to agonize over the decision to seek an abortion in this and other countries.  I wonder how many women are sitting in prison in Northern Ireland for trying to control their reproductive rights.  God Bless them and the decisions that they made.

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