The Attorney General's Race in PA is creating interesting Partnerships

The primary election in Pennsylvania will occur on April 26th.  Voters will go to the polls to choose a President, Congressmen, State Representatives, Senators and the Attorney General.  There will also be delegates chosen to represent Presidential candidates at the Republican and Democratic National Conventions.  I have never been as intrigued as I am now about the process of delegates actually choosing the candidate that the country will eventually elect.  Things are getting pretty hairy on the Republican side but I will not digress from my focus in this post.

The incumbent Attorney General has decided not to seek reelection in the upcoming primary.  Kathleen Kane is facing numerous legal issues.  I don't think all of them can be blamed on the old boy network.  She refused to prosecute a case involving African American elected officials.  The Philadelphia DA, Seth Williams, decided to pick up the case.  He obtained guilty pleas and resignations in the majority of the proceedings.  We will see how the wheels of justice affect Vanessa Lowery Brown either at the polls or in the courtroom.  I wish Miss Kane well in the next career choice that she makes.

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The race for Congress in the Second Congressional district will be interesting.  Congressman Fattah has been reelected 11 times and has built an impressive presence on Capitol Hill.  He recites with pride the millions of dollars that he has bought back to the Delaware Valley.  He sits on the Appropriations Committee and can wield immense power with his actions.  He stated at Audenried High School this past Friday that he delivered $100 million to the School district.  I read with sadness that a 14 year old girl was stabbed in Logan today at one of our schools.  I do want to fact check where that $100 million went when the budget hearings arise.  The influence of the West Oak Lane Democrats is at stake in this race.  If Dwight Evans wins, they are the true Rain Makers.  I like how Dan Muroff presents himself in debates though.

I am pleased with the way that the Attorney General's race is shaping up.  The candidates with the most support on the Democratic side are Frank Zappala and Josh Shapiro.  Joe Peters and John Rafferty represent the Republicans in this race.  I was impressed with how the local Democratic machine helped elect Kevin Dougherty for the State Supreme Court.  I wonder if Democrats can pull off another statewide win for this position.  I still have not made up my mind about Sestak or McGinty for Senate.  I have not heard much from Pat Toomey.  He is holding out hard on President Obama's Supreme Court nominee.  I wonder if his intransigence will hurt him in the long run.

The affiliations that surprise me in the Attorney General's race begin with the commercials featuring State Senator Anthony Williams and Mayor Kenney.  They just finished a bruising mayoral race and on paper were diametrically opposed on major issues like the police commissioner and affirmative action.  They are chilling on a row home steps and touting Frank Zappala.  Can you say Kumbaya!!On the other hand, Josh Shapiro has the majority of City Council backing him.  He even snagged an endorsement from the POTUS.  In South Philly, two of my elected officials, Johnson and Harris, are on opposite sides of the fence for the candidate that they each support with their time and dollars.  Do a google search and see where they stand on this race.  Lowering the incarceration rate for PA residents should be an important campaign issue for any candidate but none have made this a rallying cry.  Our Commonwealth locks up more residents than our neighbors by a long shot.

I think that the endorsement process is important.  Many politicians hang their hats on endorsing a successful candidate.  Local 98 has made supporting and getting candidates elected an art form.  The Democratic City committee has not issued official ballots yet.  I like the process of being able to independently choose who I am going to vote for in elections.  It seems like voting the straight ticket will be a thing of the past in the Attorney General's race.  I am intrigued about the results and once again hope that voter turnout exceeds all expectations.


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