Bill Clinton: What Were You Thinking!!

Hillary Clinton is the presumptive nominee for the Democratic party.  Preparations have been underway for Philadelphia to host the Nominating Convention in twenty days.  It is a shame that the scandal over her e-mails will not go away.  Donald Trump falsely stated that they were hacked by a foreign entity.  There are some classified e-mails that were part of trove of private server communications.  As the Secretary of State I think that this use of a private server for anything other than private e-mails was a major lapse in judgement.

Bill Clinton was on a layover in Phoenix.  Somehow he was informed that Loretta Lynch's plane would be landing in the same city.  He conveniently waited for her and they had a private conversation in his plane.  I love the conveniences that those in positions of authority and influence have.  They probably didn't have to pass through any lines at all.  Ms. Lynch indicated that they spoke about family, grandchildren and other things besides the case.  For those looking at this encounter, it raises all kinds of questions.  Hillary is under investigation by the FBI for her use of private emails.  The Justice Department will issue a ruling soon on the legality, or lack thereof, of her private server usage.

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Stand by your Woman but leave Politics Alone right now.  MEB

Donald Trump was quick to comment on this supposedly chance encounter.  Bill and Hillary are both Attorneys.  They should understand how something like this would look to political observers.  They do have to realize that everything is political at this point in time.  There was also a report scheduled to be released about the Benghazi incident close to when this meeting occurred.  Ms. Lynch has indicated that she would not meet with Mr. Clinton again.  They could have had a personal relationship sometime in the past.  Former President Bill Clinton has been around for a long time.  He just wasn't thinking clearly when he waited for the Attorney General.

Compounding matters regarding her e-mail problems, her former assistant, Huma Abedin, revealed that Hillary placed her official schedule in a burn bag.  All of the information about our elected officials is supposed to be part of the public record.  I am curious as to why she would destroy her public schedule.  I am a Democrat so I am not looking at this in a partisan way.   I know that if my wife was in trouble that I would try to do whatever I could to help her out.  Hillary suffered through all  of Bill's marital discretions.  I guess he feels that he can help her out.  It does not pass the smell test for an innocent meeting.

Donald Trump is currently embroiled in a Tweet related controversy.  He is referring to Candidate Clinton as Crooked Hillary.  When will he get over the name calling and engage in presidential politics?  It was reported today on that the FBI urges that no charges be filed against Hillary Clinton for what amounted to a lapse in professional judgement.  The Attorney General had already indicated that she would abide by whatever the FBI recommended in terms of charges.  I am happy about this result.  I just want to recommend to Bill Clinton: You WERE the President.  Past tense.  Hillary is wearing her Big Girl pants and should publicly fight her battles with the help of her paid staff.  Stand down!!

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