The DNC Begins: Wishing for Calm

I am happy that the Republican National Convention came and went with minimal disruptions last week.  I guess the protesters were allowed to exercise their rights to exhibit their opposition to whatever issue they were concerned with.  I was worried about the open carry laws in Ohio and whether those carrying guns would be involved in any violence.  I had to watch because it was interesting to see how those politicos on the other side of the aisle view the future of our elected government.  It was a dark, dreary picture painted by Donald Trump.  Republicans must be empowered by the statement that we will be safer on day one in 2017 if he is elected.

In spite of the sweltering heat that we will face in Philadelphia this week, Mother Nature let loose this morning with a storm that included steady rain and thunder and lightning.  I called myself taking a little bike ride to get some exercise.  By the time I got to Sansom Street, the rain was on and popping.  As I was just on the radio with Thera Martin-Milling, on WURD, I feel that the rain and storm portends a good sign for the week.  My fingers are crossed for a positive week.  The protesters are welcome as long as we can get on with the process of nominating Hillary Clinton for President.  FDR park will be a staging area for the protesters with permits.  I hope they get their points across.

I guess a convention wouldn't be a convention without controversy.  The Chairwoman of the Democratic National Committee has resigned in the wake of the discovery of e-mails that were leaked.  These e-mails seemed to reflect a plot by DNC officials to damage the propsects of Bernie Sanders during his attempt to win the primary.  Bernie Sanders has dedicated supporters.  I saw some yesterday while I was downtown at Macy's.  They had posters and were lined up for a protest march.  I hope Hillary Clinton had nothing to do with the e-mails in question because she already had enough trouble with the private server controversy during her time as Secretary of State.

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I am excited about the 50,000 visitors coming to our city this week.  I wanted to be more involved during the day but I start a new job today.  I am slated to attend an event at Miss Tootsie's today and a watch party at the Sheet Metal Workers hall tomorrow.  Vivica Fox, let's take a picture together. I want to do something educational on Wednesday and I will be glued to the television as Michelle Obama, Barak Obama and others speak on the way to the nomination on Thursday.  It is an exciting time in Philly.  I hope we don't have the disruptions that were experienced during the Pope's visit.  More people left the city than stayed here and we were left with an $8 million tab for security services that wasn't reimbursed by the World Meeting of Families.  Mayor Nutter assured us that it would cost the city nothing.  Who lied?

My hopes for the week are that small businesses benefit from the influx of visitors from around the country.  I hope that Philly shines on the world stage.  I hope that delegates who visit will deem us worthy for a return visit.  It saddens me to hear that teenagers were killed at a club in Florida.  Why would people carry guns to such an establishment?  Teenagers were murdered in Germany by a rogue gunman this past week.  As I celebrated my 53rd birthday on Saturday, I realize how luck I am to be able to write and read and use the limbs I was born with.  Many people have been denied the chance to live unimpeded by injuries sustained from terrorist acts.  God Bless the conventioneers this week.  I hope I learn something as the process takes place.  Good Luck to Hillary Clinton as she will become the first woman in our nation's history to lead a major political party.  Go Philly!!

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