Tragedy and Loss have become Constants!!

I love summer for the beautiful moments that it has caused in my life.  I am a summer baby.  On July 23rd, God willing, I will celebrate another birthday.  I have learned repeatedly to appreciate every year and everyday that I have been afforded to live and breathe on this earth.  The tragedies that have been a part of the news cycle have been so steady as to make a person wonder as to the certainty of life.  An individual can become a statistic in the blink of an eye.  Hug your Family and tell them you love them today.  Seriously.

Last night in Turkey, hundreds of people died in a suspected coup attempt by the military.  Turkey is a country of 74 million people though.  The hurt and pain are real and sustained for the relatives of those killed.  There was a bombing at the Ataturk Airport recently that killed 41 people and injured almost 240 people.  In Pakistan, at least 74 people were killed by a suicide bomber on Easter Sunday. Most were out enjoying a beautiful day.  Three American students were among twenty people slaughtered by ISIS supporters in Bangladesh.  Some of those killed were hacked to death.  Those individuals that could recite verses from the Quran were spared.

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The United States suffered its share of tragedies recently.  Philando Castile was murdered in Minnesota by a police officer that shot him less than 90 seconds after pulling him over.  His girlfriend live streamed his agonizing death as the police officer kept his gun trained on Mr. Castile as he bled out.  Alton Sterling was murdered by two police officers on camera.  He supposedly had a gun in his pocket.  The police had him pinned down and could have handcuffed him.  They pumped bullets into him instead.  Their deaths caused a murderous rampage by an African American veteran who shot at least 11 police officers in Dallas.  On Sunday, another African American male slaughtered three police officers in Baton Rouge.

Bastille Day is a time of celebration in France.  It is also known as the French National Day.  It is celebrated on July 14th and is similar to Independence Day here in the United States.  Imagine the horror and carnage when a man of Tunisian descent decides to drive a truck through a crowded promenade area with the specific intent of killing innocent people.  At least 84 people were killed and many others wounded.  The man also had bombs and guns in his truck.  Many people are planning funerals when they otherwise would be continuing to enjoy their summers.  An eleven year old and his dad were vacationing from the U.S.  As fate would have it, they will not return alive.  The perpetrators origins were in Africa also.  I think he claimed allegiance to ISIS. 

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The former mayor of New York, Rudy Guliani, has been on a rant lately as to the relevance of the Black Lives Matters movement.  He feels that in spite of African Americans being gunned down disproportionately by police, that we should all feel this American love.  Many of the Republican speakers so far have pointed to the fact that Donald Trump will make America safe again.  The people who have lost loved ones to recent tragedies just want to hug and feel the victims again.  The perpetrators of the acts mentioned here and the ones that are planning future attacks just want to inflict pain and send a warped message.  War used to be fought on the battlefield.  Now, it is whatever gathering a group chooses to express their discontent.  Sad.  Rest in Peace to the individuals who have lost their lives to indiscriminate acts of terror.

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