Republican National Convention: Awesome Theater

The Republican National Convention has been a must watch even for Democrats like myself.  The Convention opened on Monday night with a speech by Melania Trump.  Donald Trump could not avoid the spotlight and entered onto the stage to a song by Queen, We Are the Champions, to introduce his wife.  The London based group did not authorize the use of the song and it set the stage for the controversy surrounding the speech by the possible first lady.  How is it that excerpts of her speech sounded exactly like the speech that Michelle Obama gave when introducing her husband?  She quoted the current First Lady word for word in parts of her speech.

The response for two days was not forthcoming and honest.  Ms. Trump said she wrote the speech with as little help as possible.  Two famed speechwriters, Matthew Scully and John McConnell, sent Mrs. Trump a draft of a speech and expected to work with her on this attempt to humanize the bombastic Trump.  It is shocking that she would choose Mrs. Obama to imitate because her husband hates the President.  His body language, according to Donald, doesn't express sympathy for the police officers that were recently assassinated.  He is a Muslim.  He wasn't born here.  There are numerous other instances where Mr. Trump has expressed his hate for the POTUS.  His wife secretly emulates Mrs. Obama though.  Go figure.

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New Jersey Governor Chris Christie put Hillary Clinton on trial during his speech.  He was referred to on CNN as the Alpha lapdog this morning.  He led a Baptist inspired call and response that indicted Hillary Clinton on crimes against America.  A State Representative from New Hampshire, Al Baldasaro, is currently being investigated by the Secret Service.  He has called for Hillary Clinton to be shot for treason.  Really?  There was a reference to Blue Lives Matter by Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke.  The murder of police officers is wrong.  The murder of unarmed African Americans is wrong.  We need to solve the issue of police shootings and murders.  It won't be done by the Law and Order candidate who refused to speak at the NAACP convention.

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I liked Tiffany Trump's speech about her Dad.  It was light and breezy.  Donald Trump, Jr. said that his Father used to hang drywall and pour concrete.  I doubt that very seriously.  I didn't get a chance to listen to Eric Trump last night.  The furor this morning is directed at Texas Senator Ted Cruz though.  He did not endorse Donald Trump during his speech last night and was booed off the stage by the delegates in attendance.  All of the Republican candidates, during an acrimonious primary, pledged to support the eventual winner.  Mr. Trump continued to refer to Ted Cruz as 'Lying' Ted throughout the race.  He even threatened to spill the beans on Heidi Cruz.  We never found out the content of what the beans were.  I was riveted to CNN at 5:00 AM and amazed at the courage that it took to not endorse The Donald at the nominating convention.  If he was worried about what will happen in 2020, he did not act like it.

Tonight will be the grand finale.  Donald Trump's speechwriters have to use any software available to not plagiarize someone's speech.  I would not like to hear how he crushed the field during the primary.  I don't want to hear about the wall that he is going to build and force Mexico to pay for.  I would like to hear specifically what he is going to do to 'Make America Great Again'.  I want to hear policy based strategies to create jobs or move the economy.  I know he is going to get rid of Obamacare.  His VP choice, Mike Pence, wants to eliminate Planned Parenthood.  We are going to start a war with ISIS.  We are going to get rid of NAFTA.  I hope I am surprised by Mr. Trump providing alternate strategies.  Get your popcorn ready!!

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