Concussions and the NFL

I read this morning that there are a group of former NFL players that are suing the league for downplaying the dangers of concussions.  One of them is Otis Anderson.  One of my favorite players, Andre Waters, killed himself as a result of concussions.  The autopsy results showed that he had the mind of a 76 yeard old man.  Dirty Waters, as he was affectionately known, was a hard nosed defensive back who bought the pain to offensive players.  I am feeling guilty as a fan because, at 47 years old, I have watched years of exciting games.  I did not realize that these players are literally putting their lives at risk for my enjoyment.  The retired players, led by Carl Eller, are also looking for an increased share of medical benefits because of their continuing ailments.  The NFL is trying to make the game less violent.  Can the NFL be enjoyed with a sanitized version of its former self?  I wish the players luck in their pursuit of more awareness about concussions and potential cash payments.

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