Women's World Cup Final

I thoroughly enjoyed the Women's World Cup Final game between the United States and Japan yesterday.  I have learned to appreciate the nuances of Soccer.  As an American, I am used to scoring and constant action.  The Japanese team, though smaller in stature than the Americans, played a patient passing game and never got flustered.  We had a number of chances to score in the firtst 45 minutes of play and missed a many of those opportunities.  As the announcer indicated at the time, those missed chances, came back to haunt us at the endo of the game.  The Americans were also unusually hesitant during the penalty kick phase.  We seemed all too confident against Brazil.  I feel good for the Japanese women.  Their country is going through a tough time recovering from the Tsunami earlier this year.  The government  is also trying to protect its damaged nuclear reactors from an approaching typhoon.  Hats off to the better team.   We hope to be back in four years.

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