In Support of African American Farmers

Today I was fortunate enough to purchase fresh produce from a group of African American farmers from North Carolina.  My brother Julius and I bought collard greens, cantaloupes, watermelon, okra, squash and tomatoes.  The sale was coordinated by the concerned neighbors of 50th & Kingsessing in Southwest Philadelphia.  Neighbors in Action is going to coordinate a sale in the South Philadelphia area in August.  The principle of Cooperative Economics is one that we need to practice in our community.  Every other race can sell products in our community.  We need to make more of a concerted effort to support our own.  African Americans are losing farm land at a rapid rate.  We can create a winning team with the purchase of fresh produce from people that share our heritage and struggles.  The cantaloupe was sweet.  We will make gumbo with the okra.  Can't wait to cook the rest!!

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