The Tragedy in Norway

At least 76 people lost their lives in a rampage over the weekend in Norway.  The suspect is claiming an anti-Muslim, anti-immigration stance as part of the reason for this heinous act.  I will have to do research, but I think Norway is a very homogeneous society.  He seemed to be a well adjusted, non-descript individual based on people who knew him.  He set off a bomb and purposefully targeted people for death.  What a horrific scene it must have been.  In the U.S., Muslims suffered retribution and distruct after the 9-11 attacks.  All Muslims should not have been blamed for the terrible acts of a few who proclaimed themselves believers.  We can all be subjects to someone's ire because of our race or religious views.  We need tolerance as we become a more diverse world.  God Bless the Families affected by this gunman and his dubious intentions.

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