Angel Rojas: Rest in Peace!

I wake up and scan my four favorite newspapers for news updates.  The Philadelphia Daily News, The New York Daily News, The Washington Post and The Chicago Tribune give me a update on the pulse of the country.  I read less about sports than I used too.  I am fixated by the whereabouts of Flight 370 but I have to keep abreast of what is going on.

One of the lead stories in the New York Daily News was the death of Angel Rojas.  Mr. Rojas was 39 years old when he met his tragic demise.  He was riding the bus when a fourteen year old boy decided to shoot it out with a rival who had just walked on to the bus.  He was shot in the back of the head as he was making his way though the busy streets of New York.  He could have been on his way home to meet his wife and two kids.  He will not be able to celebrate his 40th birthday with his family.

Someone commented on the article that minorities are the cause of most gun violence.  Put the blame on the shooter and that will make most of the members of the NRA happy.  Guns don't kill people.  Ask the victims of the thousands of murders that occur in our country every year if it was just a gun or the person pulling the trigger.  Many would still be living if it was not for the gun in the murderer's hand.  Mr. Rojas might have been a Knicks fans.  He could have been a great dancer or artist.  He definitely made a nice couple with his wife.  His kids and family will miss him.  Rest in Peace Angel Rojas.  I am so sorry for your Family's loss.

Angel Rojas, pictured here with his wife, Maria, was shot to death on the B15 bus.

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