Malaysia Flight 370: Where Are You?

Many of us are concerned about the recent disappearance of Malaysia Flight 370.  How does an airplane with state of the art technology and 239 people on board disappear into thin air?  What type of planning does it take to have a plane elude satellite and some efficient militaries like those in India and Pakistan to veer off course and fly under all radar?  I am so sorry for the families of the missing crew and passengers as the wait for a solution to this mystery becomes agonizingly long.

The authorities in Malaysia are now searching the homes of the pilots involved in the flight.  One of the pilots had worn a shirt entitled 'Democracy is Dead' recently.  Some are attributing terrorist motives to him because an opposition leader was arrested on the same day of his flight.  He lives in a gated community in Kuala Lumpur and seems to have real family ties.  The second pilot was younger and less experienced and they did not seem to have a connection before this flight.

There was a transponder on the plane that was turned off before or soon after one of the pilots uttered 'all right, good night'.  This phrase might have indicated that the plane was going into auto-pilot mode.  It was then that the plane took a hard left on what is considered to be a pre-programmed departure from the original flight plan.  I am not familiar with how all of the planes that are in the air at any given time avoid crashing into each other but I know that Air Traffic Controllers wouldn't recommend going off path with all of the variables involved with other flights and the air spaces of other countries.  It is reported that it took a major amount of skill to program a flight change into an already scheduled flight path.

There are now over twenty five countries involved in the search for Flight 370.  It seems like an unprecedented level of cooperation in the quest for answers to this perplexing mystery.  There were some initial reports of an airplane door floating in the Indian Ocean.  What is also confounding is the wide swath of sea in which the flight could have proceeded.  The search involved over four thousand square miles of sea.  The plane involved has a wing span of over two hundred feet.  It is a major piece of equipment valued at over $250 million.  We all have a vested interest in finding out what happened to this plane.
Malaysia Airlines Plane, Flight 370 To China Lost Radio Contact, Now ...
One far fetched cause that came to my mind was the involvement of an Unidentified Flying Object (UFO).  With the fact that no wreckage has been found, all theories have to be explored.  Experts say that it would take at least a mile for the plane to safely land.  If this plane did have a safe landing, what happened to phone calls from the passengers.  We experienced our own tragedy on 9-11 when planes were hijacked and used as weapons.  Calls were made alerting loved ones to the impending events.  Not a single phone call has been recorded from any of the passengers on the plane.

No one can be called a victim without some sort of resolution to this major international incident.  Over two thirds of the passengers were Chinese.  There was one American on board.  Some passengers used phony passports to board the flight.  It was reported that two young Iranians were in search of a better life elsewhere.  They did not appear to be capable of taking over a plane and making it disappear.  Many family members of the passengers and crew are in a state of confusion over the fate of their loved ones.  I wish them luck as the army of search teams and experts work feverishly to find a cause and solution to this major mystery.

P.S. The Malaysian government announced today (3/24/14) that the plane has gone down in the Indian Ocean.  There was no proof to go along with this claim.  I guess this is supposed to give closure to the families.

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