The Eagles Release DeSean Jackson: A Question of Dollars or Sense?

I am in the middle of a few home improvement projects today.  Painting walls and trim called for some jazz and concentration. Andy Snitzer, Michael Lington, Kenny G and Chante Moore fit the bill today.  Chante is not  so much in the jazz genre but she remains one of my favorite artists.  I took my lunch break and was shocked by the news of DeSean Jackson's release from the Philadelphia Eagles.  There had been rumors and innuendo in the paper all week about the Eagles shopping him around.  We could not even get a solid third round draft pick in exchange for this super talented receiver.  Did other teams know some of the news that came out today?  The league is not for choir boys and angels.

DeSean was coming off of one of the best seasons of his career.  He made the Pro Bowl and had a spectacular season last year.  I can understand DeSean's frustration a couple of years ago about his contract situation.  The Eagles had just signed a former Giants wide receiver Steve Smith to a contract while DeSean was still in search of a long term deal.  He under performed that year and rightfully so.   Football is a very violent sport and some careers have been ended because of injuries.  Ask Jermichael Finley of the Green Bay Packers.  He suffered a terrible spinal injury and might not ever play again.  The shelf life of an American football player can be frighteningly short sometimes.

DeSean was due to earn $10 million this year.  Some pundits have indicated that the Eagles had allotted too much money to the wide receiver position.  They had already given extensions to Riley Cooper and Jeremy Maclin.  They has also signed Darren Sproles of the New Orleans Saints to a contract.  He ended our season in the playoffs with his elusiveness and speed.  Coach Kelly also is an advocate of big people beating up little people.  DeSean is only 175 pounds.  I still loved his ability to stretch the field for our team.  Terrell Owens he was not.

Some of the other speculation for DeSean's departure was on his purported gang affiliations.  One of the rappers that is signed to his label was involved in a drive by shooting that resulted in a murder.  He was acquitted.  Another murder occurred in a property that was owned or leased by someone from DeSean Jackson's family.  I do not really understand the gang culture of the west coast.  In my lifetime I missed the terrible time of gang warfare and will not comment on the people that DeSean associates with.  He supposedly  flashed a gang sign during a game against the Redskins.  I thought that the mantra was 'innocent until proven guilty'.  Another indication was his company called Jaccpot recordings.  It is stated that Crips do not put the letter C next to the letter K because it could be construed to stand for Crip Killer. Go figure.

One of my concerns would be DeSean's immediate future.  He is only twenty-seven years old.   I cannot understand how a player coming off of one of the most productive seasons of his career could be released without any compensation by a team.  LeSean McCoy will probably miss him.  I hope that Jeremy Maclin is all the way back from his injury.  My only solace is that this years draft is supposedly one of the deepest at wide receiver in years.  I could take a Marques Colston type wide receiver this year.  I wish DeSean the best in trying to find a new job.

I hope he didn't commit to spending the money that he didn't earn yet.  He fired Drew Rosenhaus and is now in uncharted waters.  ESPN devoted almost an hour to the coverag of this story.  Former Eagles QB Ron Jaworski indicated that he might be tainted goods.  It is like his character is being assassinated before he is proven guilty of anything.  I feel sorry for his family for the terrible stories that are in the news.  He might not have had the upbringing of Donovan McNabb.  None of us can change where we were raised.  He was working hard on changing his present and future opportunities though.  

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