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Those of us that are working hard to establish a presence on the world wide web compete with a number of media sources.  Years ago only the prescient perceived of the Kindle, the Nook and Google Glass.  An individual can now make phone calls from his or her watch.  What in the name of The Jetsons is going on here?  My computer is now over six years old.  I know I will be getting a prompt soon to upgrade or get rid of it.  When I read recently that over two-thirds of the citizens of Africa still do not have Internet access, then I realize that I am not doing so bad.

The Digital Divide in our country is real also.  As it becomes increasingly more difficult to keep food on the table, the ability to access information on the Internet is a dream.  I was in the Library yesterday waiting for a meeting and I wonder how many of the patrons there have no other means of access.  Philadelphia is a city with a 25% poverty rate.  Many of my fellow neighbors appreciate the beauty of the Free Library.  I am on my way there today for a training session with the Mayor's Commission on Literacy.
UE Radio Live
I was fortunate enough on Tuesday of this week to participate in a radio show with Robin Tasco and Khalil Ali.  The discussion which lasted ninety minutes covered a wide range of topics.  We touched on Martin Luther King, Dwight Evans, Louis Farrakhan,  Wilson Goode and a number of political issues.  The discussion is now part of a podcast.  I am trying to bring it up.  It shows my lack of knowledge of what is happening in technology.  The radio station is located at 2207 N. American Street and is a comfortable location to broadcast a radio show.  The owner is also a chef.  I will talk to my Men's Club about hosting an event there.
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The website for the radio station is  I wanted to give a shout out to the effort to compete in this industry that is dominated by a few major conglomerates.  Those individuals that work hard to make an impact in this area are to be commended.  I have participated in discussions led by my friend DeAngelo Starnes who lives in Denver, Colorado.  He is a serious cat who is real with the issues.  I hope to be invited back soon to talk about my aspirations to lead the 36th Ward. 

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