The Last Alibi: A Surprising Legal Thriller

I need to occupy my time with something other than television these days.  The NFL Season is over.  My 76ers are just now worth the time of day.  I haven't got the same passion for college basketball as I did when I was younger.  What better way to spend a few hours than with a good book.  I had not read anything by David Ellis before.  I just finished a book by Jeffrey Deaver called The Cold Moon.  That was an awesome read involving murder and deception.  Little did I know the twists and turns in this book.

Jason Kolarich, the main character, is a defense attorney who is a former football player.  He is part of a two person law firm called Tasker & Kolarich.  Shauna Tasker is his partner and the two share some history in other ways.  Jason is affected by an addiction that clouds his judgement in more ways than one.  He also is visited by someone who he has meted out some legal injustice to in the past.  Murders take place and a noose is tightening around the perpetrator as he kills people who have interacted with Jason.  Attorney client privilege prevents him from notifying police about a bizarre string of events.

In waltzes a beautiful Court Reporter.  Sparks fly and the time needed for intimacy is compressed into a move in together situation.  Jealousy and possessiveness also lead to an increasing dependency on a foreign substance.  I hope I am being vague enough to want to make you read the book.  I have a friend, Manotti Jenkins, who is writing a legal thriller.  I hope that he will read this book for ideas.  Can a legal mind perpetrate a perfect murder?  Can advice given by a lawyer be used by a criminal to go on a killing spree?

The one thing that is evident in our society is that e-mails and cell phone calls can and will be used against you in the court of law.  Technology can pinpoint the location of your phone call and the length of your calls.  All e-mails can be traced and bought in as evidence.  Also, if you suffer from an addiction, please be careful who you share that with.  A weakness in your character can be the basis for blackmail and a motive more murder.  I enjoyed the book and will look for to read either Breach of Trust or The Wrong Man.  Have a great day. 

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