Howard University Homecoming Sizzled

I have been blessed to be able to attend Howard Homecomings for 27 years in a row.  This year it was on a wing and a prayer but Shawn was determined that we would make it.  I was not disappointed.  Our Friday's start off with meeting up with Howard Hamilton, Jay Durrah, Chris Catchcart, Eddie Reese, Manotti Jenkins, Jeanne Hoover, Jennifer Long, DeAngelo Starnes and Edward Hamilton.  We have started a tradition of bringing hoagies down for our folks.  We also had drinks and snacks.

We then get dressed and attend the best free party in America.  The lobby of the Grand Hyatt hotel transforms into Howard Homecoming central.  It is mainly for alumni like Shawn and I who came to Howard in the late 70's and early 80's.  We meet and greet, hug and reminisce.  It is awesome.  I saw a lot of folks but missed Shana Ervin, Deneen Lyles and other close friends.  I heard that people were in the lobby until 4:45 AM.

Saturday is the day for basking on the yard.  We went to the game two years ago but we got up to the yard late this year.  We beath Morgan Stave 21-20 in a thrilling game.  We went to the wharf to get seafood for our Saturday feast.  Last year we went to Big Jon's party but this year he was headed out of town on a cruise.  We decided to fry fish and make daiquiris this year.  We saw Alonna for a few minutes and she proceeded to her party.  I got a chance to catch up with Dave Dixon, Al Hannon,  Yvette Kinsey Payne, Georgianna Benson, Dawn Nock, Lamont Crawford and many others.

The weather was perfect all weekend.  I was sitting outside of where Shawn and I worked at the Waterside Mall in Southwest DC and just marvelling at how blessed we were.  It rained Friday on the concert on the Yard.  Friday's head liners were Drake, T.I., Meek Mills, Naughty by Nature and other artists.  Howard University has truly become a destination.

Sunday was a great day.  I met with Leah for a coffee date at the Grand Hyatt.  We had a great ime conversing about everything.  Mona and Donnell came down to meet us for brunch at Tony and Joe's.  Alonna also came over to meet us.  In years past we had upwards of 20 people there.  We attended Yellow Fin last year in Bowie, MD.   I enjoyed the ambiance just the same.  We sat from 12:00 P.M. until it closed at 3:00 PM.  We dropped Alonna off at Meridian Hill and made it safely home by 7:00 PM.  Shawn fried a few more pieces of fish and we were sleep before Boardwalk Empire went off.  What a beautiful weekend. 

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