Juan Castillo Falls on the Knife for the Eagles

The Eagles suffered another disappointing loss on Sunday.  The defense has made a habit of losing fourth quarter leads in the last two seasons.  We were leading the Detroit Lions 23 - 13 on Sunday with 5:18 left.  The Lions proceeded to score 13 unanswered points and snatch victory from the jaws of defeat.  It is the second week in a row that we had a lead before the other teams final drive.  I was so up set as an Eagles fan that I didn't watch any football the rest of the day.  I missed some good games but I felt better.

Many people questioned Andy Reid's decision to hire Juan Castillo as the Defensive Coordinator.  He had never held position before and it was a stretch on Andy's part to make the move.  We wound up 8 - 8 last year.  he Giants were 9 -7 and won the Super Bowl.  We lost leads in the 4th Quarter in five games last year.  Jeremiah Trotter, Seth Joyner, Reggie White: Where are You?  We had guys who could close the deal on defense.  Brian Dawkins just retired from Denver.  We signed DeMeco Ryans in the off season.  We drafted Fletcher Cox and Mychal Kendricks.  What is  going on?

The one thing that we can take comfort in is that our division is not super strong.  The Cowboys seem to be fading.  RG III is doing big things in Washington.  Eli Manning and the Giants are playing at a high level.  We still have a number of dision games left and that will make or break our season.  Michael Vick keep saying tat the turnovers will decrease.  Wewill see.

As a die hard fan, it would be hard to avoid football the rest of the season.  My homey Yusef and his boys play golf on Sundays.  I am not at that point yet.  I will hold on until there is no chance to make the playoffs. I wish Juan Castillo luck in finding a new job.  I hear he has a tremendous work ethic. I want my Eagles to gt back on track.  The by week will give us fans ad the players a chance to think.  We meet the undefeated Falcons after the break.  Let's handle the business. 

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