Ronda Johnson: Rest In Peace

I lost a very dear friend on Saturday.  Ronda Johnson went home to be with the Lord.  She fought a brave fight against cancer.  I know people say that God doesn't make mistakes.  I know that in the Lord's house there are many rooms.  All of us will make the transition to the other side one day.  I am so sorry for my friend.  I know she didn't want to leave just yet.  She would have loved to celebrate her 50th birthday next year.

Some of my best times with Ronda were spent at the Redevelopment Authority.  She sat right outside my office along with Stephanie Cunningham and Carolyn Williams.  We would order lunch sometimes.  Other times we would crack up at current events.  She made the workplace a fun place to be.  She was also a good cook. I remember when I got a prostate exam and she tormented me the whole afternoon with a rubber glove.  She was my fellow 1963 baby!!

Ronda was a true Aunt to her nephews and grandnieces.  They all used to come and visit her at work.  She also liked to have fun.  I went to her house on Conestoga Street for some awesome block parties.   She came to Scotty's and block parties in South Philly a few times to hang out.   Shawn and I also met her at Durham's, in the bottom, as it was serving its final drinks.  She was a great co-worker.  I loved her laugh and her smile.  And she was cute!!  I will miss U Ronda.  Rest well and I will see you when I get there. 

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