Jerry Sandusky's Innocence Statement is Bizarre

I guess Jerry Sandusky has had a link about his statement from jail protesting his innocence.  He indicates that the 45 counts of child abuse that include molestation and sodomy are a conspiracy by the press, Penn State, the police and all of the victims.  He attributes this all to one victim. "A young man who is dramatic and a veteran accuser and always sought attention started everything," says Sandusky.
It is ironic that Mr. Sandusky refused to take the stand in his own defense at his trial.  He had to realize his life was on the line at that point. 

One of the factors affecting his decision was that his own adopted son was willing to testify for the defense.  Matt Sandusky had begun cooperating with investigators and Jerry did not want to have to go through the humiliation of his own son testifying for the prosecution.  In his recent statement he never mentioned his son's potential allegations.  He doesn't mention the mother who bought charges against him in 1998.  The 1998 allegations were the ones that bought Joe Paterno and the Penn State football program the most shame.  JoePa lost all of his victories from that point on and the sanctions and loss of bowl participation are a direct result of the inaction of university officials.

The decision to report child abuse is a painful one.  In many cases the pain of abuse is inflicted by someone the victim knows.   As was horribly replayed in the scandal involving the Catholic church, people in positions or authority take advantage of that in heinous ways.  In South Jersey recently, three male teachers were accused of inappropriate sexual relations with students.  Two administrators were accused of the cover up.  An NFL Cheerleader accepted a plea recently for having sex with a teenager.  It is a sickness to want to have intimate relations with an underage person.  People should seek help before they ruin some one's life.

Jerry Sandusky used his affiliation with Penn State to his advantage.  He was arrested in his Penn State sweatsuit and was smiling proudly.  He started his Second Mile Foundation with the full knowledge that he would receive support from his Penn State brethren.  It was stated that he trolled the students in the program for potential victims.  Promises of football games, gifts and road trips awaited.  For the unfortunate few, hugs, oral sex and abuse occurred while visiting his house, driving with him or on road trips.  As an adult, it had to be heart wrenching to recount the abuse.  One of the accusers was verbally harassed by students in his hometown.  This was where Jerry had to resign a volunteer coaching position and coming on hard to the alleged victim.  He couldn't stay away from young boys.

I await the sentencing today.  I want to see if the evidence presented against r. Sandusky translates into a life sentence.  The Penn State football team is 4 - 2 and doing quite well in spite of the sanctions and penalties.  New coach Bill O'Brien is forging his own reputation and the players are responding.  We can all hope that with new procedures in place that no one is using a previous affiliation with the team to lure children onto the campus.  The Board of Trustees is now accepting the sanctions imposed by the NCAA after some wanted to fight them.  I don't think $60 million over four years will affect the quality of life in Happy Valley.  The eyes of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania will be on the judge issuing the sentence today.     We hope for a fair and tough sentencefor the crimes committed.

P.S. Jerry Sandusky was sentenced to 30 to 60 years in prison for the crimes that he was accused of.  He never apologized to his victims in his rambling statement.  He claimed he only had sex with his wife and that was after marriage.  Wow.  Some of the victims made impact statements.  We will see about his appeal.

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