Tyler Perry as Alex Cross Doesn't Cut It

I am a fan of James Patterson novels.  I can usually finish one in a matter of hours.  Some of the Alex Cross mysteries I have read include: Ales Cross' Trial, Cross Country, Cross Fire, Kill Alex Cross and London Bridges.  I saw Along Came a Spider on the big screen and loved it.  The African American character that Alex portrays in the novels is a former Washington D.C. police officer who is now with the FBI.  He is called in on some of the most high profile cases in the country.  He is often pursued by villains who would not hesitate to do harm to his family.  In fact, his wife was killed by a criminal.  The mother of his child, who sues him for custody because of his dangerous lifestyle.  was kidnapped for over a year by another nemesis.

Tyler Perry is best known for his Madea character.  This matronly, cursing hold no punches woman has made him millions.  I have enjoyed The Family that Preys, I Can Do Bad All By Myself, Daddy's Little Girls,Why Did I Get Married I and II and Diary of a Mad Black Woman.  He is a great writer, director and so so actor who i becoming full of himself.  In Good Deeds, which I did not see, he actually falls for a cleaning woman, Thandie Newton, while living with Gabrielle Union.  He must be really feeling his oats.  If he is too cool to make it work with Gabby, then he is getting too big for his britches.

Alex Cross was portrayed by Morgan Freeman in previous film adaptations of the James Patterson novels.  Morgan Freeman is one of the better actors in American film history.  Morgan and Gene Hackman are two of my favorite mystery men.  When Tyler Perry won the screen rights to this movie did he think about casting anyone else.  I am thinking that Wesley Snipes, Boris Kodjoe or Don Cheadle could have been called in to read lines.  Each of them has carried out spy/action type characters in movies.  Boris had a short lived role in Undercovers opposite a stunning actress, Gugu Mbatha-Raw.  I haven't watched any of Tyler's television series but I know he just signed with the OWN Network.  Maybe he can help to revive Oprah on the cable venue.

I watched a trailer for the movie.  Tyler Perry is trying his best to present a serious face and take on the role of a super sleuth with nerves of steel.  I have a hard time looking past the Madea character.  I know he doesn't want to be typecast but maybe he should think about letting some of the more talented actors handle the action roles.  He just had a movie recently come out, Witness Protection, that surely did not do well at the box office.  I am an ardent supporter but I am experiencing Tyler Perry burnout.  I am sure some of his other audience is feeling the same way.  For taut action thrillers, Tyler should hire actors that can make his story lines believable.  Until then, I will pass on the movies and wait for the video.

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